Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Take Me to Brazil from BH Cosmetics

I finally have an eyeshadow palette that consists of many colors. Yayy!

I'd been thinking of buying eyeshadow palette since...two years ago maybe 0.o. But everyone and also my own mind kept telling I don't need that, I'm not a makeup artist, it would be such a waste, and bla..bla..bla. However, my heart (which actually another side of my mind) kept wanting it. I sometimes found my self browsing cosmetics site shop, staring at the eyeshadow palettes. I said, I wanted that NYX 112 eyeshadow palette, ooh and this Coastal Scents is also good, and then Sleek one is better, and then MUA, and then, one day, I just saw Promise Phan posted this eyeshadow palette, Take Me to Brazil from BH Cosmetics.....and I bought it.

The reason why I decided to buy this palette: first, because it's pretty affordable, I got it for about IDR 250,000; and second, because the colors are unique and I haven't had those colors before (except the blue ones and the black & white), and third, I don't know why, maybe, because fate. It's just like I didn't think too much back then.

Here it is, 'Take Me to Brazil'

This palette consists of 30 different colors of eyeshadow. It has Brazilian theme, that's why BH cosmetics places fantastic colors in it, inspired by Brazilian parade. So many blue, green, and yellow colors. This also has black and white colors, which I didn't realize it before until the package came to my hand.

The packaging is simple but still catchy. No brush included, but at least, it has mirror in it.

Oh hi, my face!

When I tried to make swatches, I was surprised the colors can come out perfectly. It has good pigmentation. Not really pigmented, but it's good, seriously. Check this swatch!


LOLOL! No kidding though! I, first, tried it on my cousin's cheeks. He was willing to do that, even he added some by himself, and I was pretty excited seeing the colors on his cheeks.

The REAL swatches from top to bottom row, from left to right:

All colors in the third row are my favorites! And the shimmery ones in the last row are also good. I love this palette. Now I can create more look with this product. 

Why I look so pale here?!
There's a rainbow below my eyes, by the way.


  1. aaaaaakk pesen dimana BHC nyaa?? mauuuu

    1. ikut POnya Bunny Beaute
      tjakep iniii~~ ^^

  2. waaah warnanya cakep2 banget yaa... serasa kayak di brazil.. lol.. pengn nyobain juga... *racun* :D


  3. woow . pigmented yaa .. love it !
    nice post ..
    mind to following each other, dear ?

  4. Pigmennya baguss... Jadi pengen.. tapi ada yg lebih murah lg ga? hahah.. Coastal scent powdery ya, kalo ini powdery gt ga pas dicoel2?

    followed your blog anyway! ^^

    salam kenal,

    1. hmmm ga tau kalo yang lebih murah, tp yg ini yg bikin worth-nya warna2nya unik. hehehehe
      powdery sih, teksturnya kurang nempel gitu. hehehe

  5. uwaaa shimmery colornya bagus bgt kak, cantik warnanya >,< nice review kak :D

  6. Wah asyiikk warnanya bagus2 ^^
    Jadi mau... XD

  7. menjelang piala dunia brazil kayaknya harus punya yang ini hehehe