Monday, March 17, 2014

EOS Ice Brown

Now I'm back with a beauty-related post. As you can see from the title, it will be about circle lens 'EOS Ice Brown'.

I purchased this lens few months ago because I thought the ice pattern would be really cool. Besides that, I wanted a brown lens like EOS Ice Brown has. I also found EOS has such a wonderful quality. The comfort is always outstanding. So why not give this Ice Brown a try?!

Diameter : 14,8 mm
Water Content : 52%
Origin : Korea

Talking about design, the pattern was designed just like its name, just like ice. It has black outer ring that makes the enlargement effect. The color is light brown. Sometimes when I'm in search for brown lens, usually I will face so many choices of many kinds of brown color; dark brown, red brown, yellowish brown, or etc. But I think this one really suits my preference this time, light brown lens but not too yellow. 

How it looks without flash:

And with flash

Now with full face of me

Actually,the Ice Brown doesn't really give my eyes an icy sparkle. Indeed, my eyes look so sparkly like anime eyes, but the pattern won't be obvious. However I still love this lens. I think probably the grey one will work better. I've read review about this lens, most of them reviews the grey one, and it looks nice and really give an icy effect. So choose grey for anyone who craves for icy look.

Now talking about the comfort, EOS Ice Brown lens is really really thin, thus I have no problem in wearing this for such a long time. It feels like not wearing any circle lens. My current favorite lens to wear.

Shall end this post with some selfies.