Saturday, June 28, 2014

Say 'Pretty'

Several days ago, I saw on my fb timeline, a lot of people shared the links of an article about 'don't call girls pretty' or 'don't call your daughter pretty'. Oh yeah, pretty much amount of people shared that. But still cannot be compared to the ones share the links related to president election.

Here's the link, for the one who wants to read it.

Now I want to express my disagreement to that article. 

Well, actually, I don't feel like I need to write this by only reading the article, but what makes me kinda furious is the comments of people who share that article. I don't know much about Lisa Bloom who is mentioned there, but how they choose the title really annoys me, and how they conclude, added by comments of people who share that on my fb timeline, makes my eyebrows frown, though it won't be visible because my brows are invisible. 

I always think that people tend to draw a conclusion that: pretty = dumb. They can easily judge girls who love to dress up, wear high heels, put fake eyelashes, take selfies, or something like that. So then, they encourage girls to not try to make themselves pretty. Uglier girls are, smarter they are. These people think they are not mainstream by not trying to be pretty. 

But I think some of those people are just jealous.

I always find question like this: "physical beauty, good personality, or smart brain?"

I am gonna answer that by, "all of them", because......why not?!

Why don't we just erase the border between personality, physical beauty, and brain?! We can build them up together. I swear I never find a single person whom I admire lacks one of those three. They all have them, and they put so much effort to build them, including beauty.

World will be so bitter if there's no one who respect a girl's effort who tries to look good physically. It's natural for every girls to try to look prettier, and guys too, of course. Though perhaps there's still one person among them who's too lazy to do that so he/she just curses and envies other people. Just let them be. Let them be down, I mean.

And for the article's title, I really cannot imagine I cannot call my future daughter pretty. My daughter will be the prettiest girl in the world, and I will say it to her hundreds millions billions times. And it won't decrease the quality of her brain nor her personality. She will have a good character: smart brain, great personality, and pretty face.

Say 'pretty' to everyone who has put efforts for being pretty. They do a lot to create pleasure for our eyes.


  1. Great write up. I can definitely relate to how you feel on the subject matter. People should not interpret stereotype as fact. Being pretty or dressing certain way should not be automatically judge as unintelligent. I would tell my future wife and kids they are pretty every single day.

  2. Agree !
    every girl wants to be pretty and that doesn't mean that she is dumb
    a lot of girl can have all of them (physical beauty, good personality and smart brain)