Monday, June 2, 2014

Hatsune Miku Expo 2014 in Indonesia

Real excitement comes when you're finally able to step in a place when you can see all about your unreal idols everywhere. Hatsune Miku just came to Indonesia on May 28th and 29th 2014. She also performed in her concert in Cendrawasih Hall, JCC, even though I didn't watch her. I'm still new in the Vocaloid world. I have no idea about the songs she would perform. Honestly, I only know, mostly, creepy songs of Vocaloid. LOL! And I'm not a big fan of Miku, though I'm a BIG fan of Kagamine Len from Crypton, Gackpo from Internet and Oliver.

But, if there's next time, I would like to watch the concert. Definitely!

I went there on Thursday 29th, with my little sister, Alin. We both are Len's fans, and I think she knows more about Vocaloid songs than me.

The queue was crazy. Non-ticket holders needed to queue to enter the exhibition in order to prevent too much crowd inside. LOT of people lined up in front of Cendrawasih Hall entrance and the line ended near the parking area (in front of the Assembly Hall). But surprisingly, it didn't take a long time for us to finally come inside the building. 

I became overjoyed when seeing the lobby full of Vocaloid pics. First to see was the gallery. They displayed the fan-art of Vocaloids from Crypton: Miku, Len, Rin, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko.

I took a LOT of photos, almost every single art that displayed there. So here're the best I captured.

Maybe for the ones who are not familiar with Vocaloids. There are so many of them that come from different companies. Here are the casts of Miku Expo 2014. They are all from the same company named Crypton.

Hatsune Miku

Kagamine Rin

Kagamine Len (my favorite )

Megurine Luka

KAITO (my second favorite )


Well, I listed Len and then KAITO as my favorites, because indeed I'm more interested in masculine voices than feminine ones. Recently, I also like VY2 Yuuma since I heard his 'Hirari Hirari' cover. Geez, in the hand of an expert user, his voice is awesome and so expressive, so real to be said it's from a software.

Back to the expo.

Alin with the Kagamines

There was also a Miku gallery booth from Tokyo Otaku.

Next was History Wall of Hatsune Miku. They displayed many figures of the characters. But first display was the software.

 And then many kinds of Miku

Miku's Pullip Dolls

Kagamine Rin 'Meltdown' figure

Hatsune Miku 'World is Mine'

Some versions of Miku's figures from Good Smile Company


Ahh..I really wish to have one since I knew that Gackpo's nendoroid has a shiny eggplant that he can ride on it. LOL! Too bad there was no Gackpo. But still, all nendoroids are super cute.

The Nendoroid Petite. I like Kaito here. That sibling from 'Story of Evil' (Rin and Len) caught my attention too.

Next, we'd been introduced to Vocaloid as a software that can make your computer sings.

There's a tutorial too

Karent's booth, on which we can listen to some Vocaloid's songs.

Here's Alin listening to Len's song

The star of the day was, of course, Hatsune Miku. There was a life-size wing Miku figure. I thought I would be able to take a picture besides her, but I couldn't get close enough due to the divider. Didn't even dare to touch Miku.

We also could write a message to Miku and friends on this Piapro walls. Some messages are really funny, some are really creative. They are all good in drawing. See?!

I hope next time Miku and friends will come again to Indonesia and bring more Vocaloids with them, and not only from Crypton.

End of this post.

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