Thursday, June 19, 2014

Decora...But Not Even Close

I've been following Tokyo Fashion since years ago, and I think I will never get tired of it. One of the style that be mentioned frequently is decora. This style is extremely fun, looks so cheerful and colorful. But for the ones who lack of sense of art & fashion, this style can be so disturbing to their eyes. LOL!

Got the pic from That girl's style is called Rainbow Decora. Clear enough why it is called like that.

Note that decora is not about putting random things just to be seen rame. But decora girls, or boys, usually choose their accessories based on the color scheme. If it's pink, then they will wear all pink. If it's pastel, all must be in pastel colors. If it's rainbow, then all 7 colors are there in their bodies.

So I also would like to try this decora style, but I think I failed *bitter smile*. Not enough accessories to be called a decora girl. Though I actually didn't intend to create decora look from head to toe, only focusing on head, because I already knew it would not be satisfying. 

However, let me share my attempt of being decora here in my blog.


Well, because mostly I talk about makeup, how about we focus on my makeup. Here's my eyemake, wearing rainbow colors from BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil eyeshadow palette.

I applied bright pink and blue eyeshadow on upper eyelid, while on my lower eyelid I use the gradation of green.

Final result (after putting fake eyelashes and some stickers) :

It's really fun trying to wear something that's not our usual style. Makes me wishing to wear a complete decora style and walk around Harajuku. Ahh..who doesn't want that.

If you pay attention, my hairpins are really cute; a spoon, a fork, and a knife. Hehee. Should I label this look 'taberu decora', 'ready to eat decora', 'dinner set decora'?