Sunday, June 15, 2014

Birthday Post

It's June 15th! It's my birthday! Time really goes so fast. I'm getting older!! I supposed to make wishes?

Okay, here I start!

I wanna live happily, having my own house and decorating it with my own style, stuffing everything I like in there. A koi pond is needed. I wanna buy lotsa cute things, some fashion items, and post many from-head-to-toe looks in my blog. I wanna travel a lot,  post about it here, maybe it mostly about the cuisine, their original cuisine, wanna taste them all. I wanna have enough money to have so many collections of anime merchandise. It'd be awesome if I have many nendoroids, and I like to try to switch all the heads on different bodies. And It'd be cool if I can watch so many concerts of my favorite singers/bands. No need to wait for their coming to my country, but I will catch them up at anywhere they're doing their concerts. I also support them by buying their albums, their official merchandises. For myself, I wanna try so many different hairstyles, different hair colors, changing it every months. It's important too to buy lotsa skincare, so my face will be flawless; extend my eyelashes, fix my nose; prevent wrinkles, and etc, and etc. 

Forgive me for not even wishing to set career or think about marriage. My age maybe increases, but my mind does the opposite. (Don't) help me!


  1. happy birthday !!!
    wish all your dreams come true !!

    1. thank you! thank you for the wish! :D