Wednesday, June 11, 2014

L'Occitane Feito no Brasil


That country is getting so much attention these days because of World Cup 2014 that will start...days from now *feel so excited*. No wonder if everything we meet will 'taste' like Brazil.

L'Occitane will launch their newest collection with Brazilian theme: L'Occitane Au Bresil. As the name has indicated, the product is made in Brazil. On May 28th, I was invited to the launching event to get know more about this product. Therefore, I will share about it in this post. But before that, let me take a selfie.

My sister, Nia, accompanied me on that day.

The event took place in Skye, Jakarta. That was my first time going there, and I must say that place is absolutely gorgeous and high-class.

Good sight feels incomplete. Of course must be a me there.

Let's take a peek of some creative decorations.

Fruit, yellow, blue, green, all vivid colors, those made me feel so fresh on that day. Added by the shows performed; Capoeira and Samba. Perfeito!  

Joyful music and dance feel so festive.

Let me give you foodgasm by showing these pictures below. They are all Brazilian food, taste so yummy, especially the cheese balls. Pardon me for calling it cheese balls. Totally forgot the real name.

Now let's talk about the product. L'Occitane launched three new series of L'Occitane Au Bresil: Vitoria Regia Day, Vitoria Regia Night, and Jenipapo. They are represented by the color green, dark blue, and yellow (a bit brownish) respectively.

Vitoria Regia, a giant water lily from Amazonia, becomes the inspiration of these two new series of L'Occitane. Vitoria Regia Day (Green) has scent of citrus combined with green apple. It would be perfect to start a fresh new day. While Vitoria Regia Night smells flowery which is very sophisticated and sensual for a night. This kind of scent is my most favorite. 

List of Vitoria Regia Day products:
-Eau de Cologne
-Day Flower Shower Gel
-Day Flower Body Lotion
-Day Flower Hand Cream
-Day Flower Vegetal Mid Soap

List of Vitoria Regia Night products:
-Eau de Cologne
-Night Flower Shower soap
-Night Flower Vegati Mid Soap

And, Jenipapo is a name of  fruit that grows in Cerrado. L'Occitane produces this series using Jenipapo as its ingredient, creating products for sun protection and moisturizer. Jenipapo also has fresh scent, smells fruity.

List of Jenipapo products:

-Protecting Body Oil SPH 15
-Protecting Body Jelly Milk SPF 20
-Lip Gloss SPF 25 
-Face Protection Veil SPF 30
-Shower Oil
-Body Lotion
-Perfumed Oil Roll-On
-Vegetal Soap

End of this post. Here's my OOTD picture, accompanied by tissue paper.

Abrigado, L'Occitane! Thanks for bringing the festivity of Brazil. Makes me can't wait for the World Cup 2014!

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