Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ageha Lunatia Green

I've been looking for natural color lens with a pretty big diameter. I'd always wanted green contact lens, even since I was in  elementary school. I think because I used to admire Esmeralda, a protagonist in Mexican telenovela. Hahaha. Green makes eyes look bright, reflects purity, but also elegance at the same time. 

So, I decided to purchase green lens from Japan Sofltens, and I chose Ageha Lunatia Green.

The diameter is 14.5 mm, and it looks like 16 mm when we wear it. The price is IDR 182,000.

The color is so natural and bright, just like what I wanted. And the diameter is big too. So it really helps to make my eyes appear bigger and dolly-like.

How they look like with flash.

The lens is also pretty comfortable. I can wear it all day long, approximately 5-8 hours, without feeling any itchiness and dryness from these contact lenses. The quality is awesomely good. I will say 'I like it'.


  1. cantik banget softlensenya di kamu..
    suka warna rambutnya juga..

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