Sunday, September 8, 2013

NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

This will be a short review of an eyeshadow palette that I bought few months ago: NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

When I heard NYX launched their new eyeshadow palette that come in two types, I've been always wanting to have one. The Smokey and The Natural Palette offer 6 colors of eyeshadows that create a glamorous smokey look or glamorous natural look. Because I'm not a fan of smokey look, I choose this Natural Palette. The colors are really suitable for everyday look.

What I love about NYX is their affordable price but still have such a good quality. I bought this only for IDR 100,000. The size is not big enough, but it's really worth to get it with that price. Here, if you wonder about the size, not as big as my palm, but you must note it that my palm is big.

Here's the colors: three shimmer eyeshadows, and three matte colors.

And here's the swatches:

Too bad, they are not very pigmented. The single eyeshadow or triple eyeshadow of NYX are way better than this. But, I read the review of this palette, many said if you use white base, the colors will pop out. I never try that though.

However, I still recommend this eyeshadow palette. It's affordable and have such nice colors to create 'cheat nude look', to be natural with makeup.


  1. I wanna try the SMOKEY ones actually since it has black on it :)) But if it turns out to be not too pigmented, then I'd stay with the single eyeshadows :))

    1. I don't know how The Smokey Palette is. but yaa I think u should stay with the single eyeshadow if u just wanna the black one. hehehehe

      thanks for the comment ^^

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