Saturday, September 21, 2013

Before We Ask 'Why'

This one below is a music video by Penny Tai, a singer from Taiwan. You may know her, when Meteor garden was still booming, as Ni Yao de Ai singer. This time she sings a sad song too, titled 你怎麼可以安心的睡著, literally means 'How Can You Sleep At Ease'. I have no idea about the song. I don't know Chinese, so even though I already search the lyrics, I don't know the meaning. Google translate doesn't help me.

But, my focus is on the video. First scene, a boy kneels down before her girl's body. The girl's dead, and the boy cries out "為什麼" / "Why?!", and then flashback, and it explains what actually has happened.

It's true! It's true! Before we ask 'why' to God, the sky, or whoever, we should ask ourselves first what we have done. Even, we cannot merely blame the fate. Everything must happen for a reason, or because of a reason. And what more important is...don't ever be late! Or your girlfriend dies!

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