Friday, August 30, 2013

Aegyo Sal

Have you ever wondered why Yoona has a very cute eyes; even when she smiles, she will look cuter? Because she was born to be cute lah. Because I think, there's something on her her face that makes her look cute. 

Take a closer look around her eyes. There are something that looks like eye bags below her eyes, right?! It is actually not eye bag. It has its own name called aegyo sal. Because eye bag will make eyes look tired, but this aegyo sal makes puffy eyes than look super cute, especially when smiling. It creates a sweet, young, and innocent look. No surprise if this aegyo sal becomes a trend in Asia, or worldwide maybe.

Look this beautiful blogger from Singapore, Miyake. She successfully creates aegyo sal. I also learned to make aegyo sal from her.

And even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has aegyo sal too!!!

They are all so cute, right?!


Nowadays, people get obsessed to get this cute aegyo sal. They, who don't have natural aegyo sal, make efforts, whether with makeup, filler, and even plastic surgery, to create this eye bags aegyo sal. I think because it's kinda impossible to naturally make aegyo sal. Lessen your sleep time won't create aegyo sal. Dark circles will appear instead. And dark circles are ugly!

I remember when aegyo sal still has not been famous as these days, I kept find some comments to Korean stars, who already have aegyo sal, that told them to sleep more. But now look! They look cute with that. Well, but actually I don't think aegyo sal is caused by lack of sleep. Because unhealthy eye bags have darker color than skin color. Aegyo sal has the same color, so it is just like cute fat below eyes.


As I said before, we can fake aegyo sal using makeup. Therefore, Etude House created this:

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker; just a simple 2-step-product to make cute eyes, or aegyo sal.

But...what if you don't have that, but still want to create aegyo sal?! You only need these:

an angled brush
brown eyeshadow
shimmer eyeshadow

In fact, I don't have aegyo sal, just ugly dark circles :( . This is my 'without aegyo sal' pic, which is my 'real' look. Even when I widely smile, the aegyo sal won't appear. Sad or not?!

So this is my attempt to fake aegyo sal below my eyes:

First step,
Figure it out where the aegyo sal will appear. Smile or squint or do whatever you can to make the fat below the eyes appears. And I squint so hard.

Step two:
Draw a line with your angled brush and brown eyeshadow at the line where the eye pouch starts appearing.

Last step:
Apply shimmer eyeshadow for the area between the line you've drawn and the lower eyelid. Or, you may apply tear drop liner here.

Done!! I get my cute aegyo sal.

Do I look cute and younger with aegyo sal? (๑・ω-)~♥”


  1. Crazy how that works. I think you look great with out the Aegyo sal, but I also think aegyo sal is a cute accesory. I may try it next time I do my makeup.