Thursday, September 26, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

I actually planned to write this review on Tuesday, but my body disagreed. I've been sick since Tuesday even till now. I couldn't go to work, I even couldn't surf the internet because I was so busy bearing the pain. But now, I feel better. So, I try to blog.

Anyway, Etude House is so kind for giving me their new product, the almighty foundation, 'Precious Mineral Any Cushion'. Thanks so much!

What is Precious Mineral Any Cushion?

If you are a Korean makeup lover, especially Etude House lover, you must be familiar with 'precious mineral'. The term used to be the name of the BB cream, or base makeup. So does this Precious Mineral Any Cushion. This is actually the newest innovation of foundation; a liquid foundation with the cushion.

As always, Etude House comes up with a very cute, girly, and pink packaging. Precious Mineral Any Cushion also equipped with a special puff inside, which is called Air Puff. I wondered why it feels so cool when I applied this foundation using the puff. This Air Puff minimizes water absorption, that's why I can feel the cool sensation of  applying liquid foundation because it isn't absorbed by the puff. Besides that, Air Puff is more durable than the regular puff. So don't worry, I think it won't be torn quickly.

What does differ Precious Mineral Any Cushion with other foundations?

The answer is its cushion.

It's not a compact foundation. It's actually liquid foundation packed in a cushion. Whenever or wherever we are, if we need to apply foundation or touch up, just pat this to our face.

Precious Mineral Any Cushion is available in two shades; #W13 Natural Beige and #W24 Honey Beige. Mine is Honey Beige.

And look! This foundation also has function as a sunblock, because it has SPF 50+ / PA+++. I don't need to apply my sunblock before. Other functions are sebum control, moisturizer, skin lightening, skin tone improvement, sebum powder, moisturizing essence, lightening essence, with cool sensation. So there are 6 functions in one Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

How to use it?

It's so easy, because what we need just pat the cushion with the Air Puff, and pat it to our face. 

Here's the before & after:

I really really love this foundation. The coverage is very good. As you can see, I have some dark spots, but in after pic it has gone, right?! It covers pore perfectly. It gives matte result but also moisturizes the skin. And of course the skin will appear brighter.

I think it becomes the best base makeup of Etude House I've ever tried. I really adores the cushion and the air puff because it maximizes the application, makes an even and perfect coverage.

The price is IDR 218,000. It's not really pricey for the good quality foundation like this Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

That's all! I'll end this post with my selfies with Precious Mineral Any Cushion.


  1. aw the packaging is very cute & the coverage is great! is this foundation long lasting or become cakey in your face after a long time??

    1. thanks for the comment. ^^
      I wear it often but never been too long. so far it's good.

  2. wow, is it really matte? :o but it looks quite dewy on you! and look really nice ><
    i regret a bit for not joining the pre order T.T lol
    thanks for the review!^^
    anw mind to followback GFC? Thankyou ^^

    1. it's quite matte actually, not over glowing and shimmery
      and I think it's quite similar with nyx matte foundation
      maybe the lighting affected. :D

      I've followed u.
      thank you

  3. You are so pretty! I love your eyes. :)

  4. Aw, amazing, it has very good coverage!
    Thanks for sharing Anggie ^^

    I just followed you, follow me back please ^^

  5. anggie ini hasilnya dewy ga ? or matte?

  6. awww nice review baby...

    follow and read me yah

  7. Love ur last selfie.. Cute as a doll (^.^)

  8. Siss, kamu shading idung pake apa tuh? Bagus lohh . Warna nya ga oren2 :D

    1. aku cuma pake nyx brown eyeshadow, terus di highlight juga pake nyx white eyeshadow. ^^

  9. Replies
    1. bisa dibeli di store Etude House ^^

  10. boleh tolong bagi tahu cara untuk oder bagi area malaysia.. kalu bisa... hantar di laman web saya ya...
    dan berapa harga bagi produk ini

    1. I'm sorry I don't know
      mungkin bisa langsung kontak Etude House Malaysia atau langsung ke storenya

  11. hello!
    i want to buy one, i´m just a little worry about the shade... koreans like skin very white.
    I´m a latina girl with light-brownish skin.
    Do you think it will look good with a latina skin?


    greetings from Mexico

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my blog.
      I'm not sure myself. W24 is still pretty light imo, as you can see in the picture.