Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Happy new year! Farewell 2012! Welcome 2013!

I'm so excited facing this new year, because like another human being, I have so much resolutions to be achieved this year. Some projects to be done, and 2013 will be a new part of my life, to the next level. I hope!

Anyway, like previous new year's eve, I spent a night with my family. We went to Summarecon Mall Serpong to count down the time before 00:00 and watch fireworks, but I must admitted that it was a mistake. We spent a lot of time on the street. A terrible jam!! Luckily, we reached the mall at the time, an hour before 00:00.

Posing first with Alin!

However, entering the mall was not a relieve. The mall was so crowded, even taking a walk was such a big deal to do.

At first, we just stood there and might just keep that pose until the first day of 2013. No seat, because every seats had been occupied. But, no, it can't be like that! Little Jansen insisted to go for a walk, so my aunt accompanied him to wherever he wanna go. Then, Hanhan seemed tired so he just sit on the pavement.

We searched into the restaurants and hoped to see an empty seat. Fortunate came. We ended by entering Kenny Rogers Roasters simply because we need a seat. We all already had full tummies, but yaaa..a glass of soda was okay.

However, Alin and Hanhan were excited seeing the menu and ordered some meals though they already had dinner.

After that, all we had to do was waiting for fireworks that will launched at 12 A.M. While waiting.....take all the pics!!! *with meme*

I was trying to do Hanhan's signature pose. LOL!

Finally, few more minutes before 12. Kids were rushed outside to see that. I went out too and tried to slip into perfect spot for fireworks view. It was so crowded like this:

However, I succeeded to get a quite good spot with the risk being struck down by rain of dust of burned fireworks. Yepp, right below the fireworks!

2013 had come, signed by the first firework that launched and unified trumpet. January 1st is not only the day of a first year in another year, but also someone's important day because that day, she, officially, became older. Guess who got surprise on January 1st!

It's my sister Nia! And today, she's twenty. Her boy prepared the cake, and made Kenny Rogers' staff to deliver the cake to her.

And guess who was so excited seeing the cake besides the birthday girl! It was Little Jansen.

He was the one who blew the candles and sliced the cake like it was his birthday. Even, he didn't feel satisfied blowing the candles just once. So we lit the candles again, and he blew it again. Hahahahaha.. That was too cute! But after that excitement, he was too tired and decided to fall asleep on the couch. Yaaah it was quite late for him.

That was our celebration for welcoming 2013.

For me, 2012 was a learning year. Although, I didn't attend school, I received many lessons from outside the school. I know maybe I didn't achieve anything in 2012. I failed to graduate on time. I neglected my academic's life.

However, this year, I started making money by myself. Knowing how important money is, and maybe got trapped by looking for money activities. Then finally realized this cannot be ended and just becomes the vicious circle that will bind me. Someone said, "Uang nggak usah dicari. Uang pasti ada aja." Sounds simple, but for me, those sentences have a very deep meaning. No worry, just do some happiness.

This year, I also made some new friends with different characteristics than my university friends'. Many lessons I got from them. I also can say that I have seen much this year, good things, bad things, all I feel can fill something's inside me and make me curious to see more and more. Please allow me to say YOLO. Hehehehe

Yeah, 2013 comes. Though people say this 13 is unlucky number, I really really excited to see what will happen year ahead. Time to learn for mistakes I did. Time to get back to university and graduate asap! And time to start a new adventure I have planned.

Wish me luck! Have a wonderful 2013, everyone! 

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