Friday, January 11, 2013

Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam

It has been more than a month I don't use my beauty clinic's products anymore. Aaaannnnnddd.....I decide to go back again -____-. It's not because I have a huge problem on my skin; acne, oily, and etc...No, but I feel that my face looks so dull without day-night cream, toner, and etc. Besides that, I think I will be spending less money if I keep using the beauty clinic's products than trying many many skincare products.

However, this time, I'm gonna share about a facial foam that prevents my face from badass acne and oil even without a treatment from beauty clinic.

Last December, I bought this, Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam.

Clearly seen from its name, this Korean product contains egg white extract that is claimed to be good to deep-clean pores.

I've been using this foam for almost a month. At first, there's a clear difference after using this. My skin feels super firm. Really! Deep pore cleansing is true.

However, as days passed, that good effect has gone. I'm not feeling so super clean anymore after facial washing, and also no significant changes. Big pores may be still there, but the foam may help it to be cleaner, because during the time I use this, not even one acne disturbs my face.

In conclusion, Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam did a good job in pore-cleansing, but it may need some helps from another products too, to perfectly get rid of big pores. For me, it doesn't work quite enough. It helps the skin to be cleaner, but doesn't help diminishing dull skin and creating healthy glowing skin, and not giving so much changes to pore problem; big pores, blackheads are still there. That's why I decide to be back to the beauty clinic. As many people says, one does not simply to leave the treatment.

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