Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Skin Food Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet

Hohohohohoho. Merry Christmas for you all. God bless you always!

So, because it's Christmas day, I'm gonna write a post about Christmas.

Nahahahahahaha, kidding! I'm doing nothing this Christmas because my family and I don't celebrate it. However, we love to go to mall or other places to spend the Christmas holiday. Also, I love Christmas because today always feels so blissful and cheerful, and I dream of White Christmas too. Someday, I must feel it! Yeah!

So, this will be another review of beauty product. This time, I've tried skincare product from Skin Food, Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet. I got it for IDR 35,000, pretty expensive considering you can use it only once, but I guess you will have it for cheaper price if you're patient enough to Pre-Order in many online shops, including here.

Maybe you already know-I made a haul post here-that I bought some stuffs from Skin Food. Actually, for skincare, I don't like to try many products. For months (almost half year) I stuck to skincare products that were given by my doctor. I used to have trouble on my face. So I went to the beauty clinic and was given the treatment. Then...tadaaa...not until a month, my trouble has gone. Hmm...since I'm writing this, I have an interest to share to you what product that my doctor has given for me that I think it's the best product for trouble skin. Later yaaa.

Just yesterday, I decided to stop the treatment because of two reasons. First, the clinic is too far from my house, such a pain in ass to go there every months, you know Jakarta has a very very very terrible jam. And second, since my skin trouble has gone, I don't feel any changes anymore, so I think I can do care my skin with my self. If someday I have skin trouble again, I can go back there.

Yaaah, such a long intro! -____-"

Anyway, back to the mask sheet, the clerk in the shop suggested me to buy this. He said the fresh juice essence is good to freshen and brighten my skin, so my face won't be looked dull.

As you can see it, it must be applied after facial washing, and wait for 10-15 minutes before it's taken off.

I could feel my face absorbs the fresh juice essence in the sheet. I felt so fresh and cool when I was wearing this mask. Not weird when I took it off, my face felt so hot because more than 15 minutes feeling the coolness. LOL!

I don't have proper pic of me wearing this mask, because whenever I took it, it's ugly as hell. Puhahahahahahahahahahaha.. So this it the best I can post.

The effect could be felt directly. My skin seemed to be more tightened and supple. This is my bare and happy enough face after taking off the mask.

I like this mask so much and will think about re-purchasing it. Maybe I can have brighter and healthier skin some day.


  1. ahh,.. I love Christmas too.. haha.. >.<

    Aku juga paling seneng pake mask sheet.. praktis.. tapi sayangnya cuma skali pake aja haha...nice review ^^

    join my giveaway yaa ^^