Thursday, January 17, 2013

Too Cool For School Party Time Single Eye Shadow #9 and #20

Another time for another makeup review. This time I'm gonna share about single eye shadows from Too Cool For School, Korean cosmetics brand.

Last month, when I was thinking about icy makeup idea for Christmas, I went to midnite sale that held in Central Park Mall. I actually didn't plan to buy this, but the sales girl succeeded in luring me to buy those eye shadows. Alrite, I needed those for my icy look, right?! Read the post here.

So, I picked the blue and glittery baby blue one.

The packaging is classy and pretty. A cute neko with red glasses reminds me of an illustration from graphic novel. This eye shadow has strong lid, so it doesn't look cheap, though it's pretty cheap as I said, it looks classy. I got it for less than IDR 60,000 each, 20% off. Note it, I bought it in its official counter which usually has official higher price than the price in its original country. I don't know... or anyone knows how it costs in Korea?

This is the blue one, or no #20

A bright blue color, and looks norak, but I like it.

And next, the glittery one, no #9.

This one looks frosting.

Here is the swatch.

The left side is #20 and the right side is #9. I also combine them, and you can see the mixed color in between.

This is how it looks when applied on my eye lid.

Actually, this single eye shadow is not a good suggestion for those who seek a highly pigmented eye shadow.   It may won't appear good to eyelid, and need much re-applying. But for me, it's good enough. The color is pretty nice. The price is affordable too. Like price, like quality ;)


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