Monday, December 17, 2012

Haul Post: Midnite Sale

You know what the best from end of the world didn't come on 12/12/12?! It means, there was still chance to attend midnite sale. Yippie!!

Yeah, yesterday, on December 16th, I went to Central Park Mall, Jakarta. They held Shopping Marathon from 8 PM till midnite, and yesterday was a last day. So, I grabbed the chance to come there and saw if I could buy something.

Okay, at first, I planned to buy some clothes, and some dolly wink products because I heard they are 20% off. However, I ended up buying much beauty products and no clothes at all -____-"

So, here they are. Hauls...

Visited SOGO and went directly to Kay Collection, and grabbed these:

Dolly Wink Products were all in sale, 20% off. And as you can see I got an extra pair of Dolly Wink lashes no.5, with the same price, I got three pairs instead of two.

Also, I bought some brushes, from Masami Shouko and Armando Caruso. No discount, unfortunately.

Then, without planning, I bumped into Too Cool For School counter, and bought their single eye shadows. 20% off!!

After that, I remembered I ran out of make up remover. So, I walked into The Body Shop and bought my favorite make up remover. Without expecting discount, I brought it to cashier and he said it was 10% off. Lumayaaaan...

Just walked to buy drinks and then found Guardian. Yeah, I need hair-dye. So, Fresh Light!

Last, went to Skin Food, gotta asked which products were suitable for me, and the clerk said this:

Okay, I'm gonna tried this. He also suggested  Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet.

Skin Food had no discount unfortunately, but I got bonuses, Gold Kiwi Serum.

Yeah, that's all. I forgot uploading one or two pics, but I hope it's okay.

No buying clothes on this midnite sale, but actually, some big stores gave worth discounts. 70% off for Guess trousers, 50% off Mango trousers, and Zara also gave discount. Most big discounts were given for trousers. The rest was also on sale, 20-50% off. I think I already have enough trousers, no need to buy it. And I don't really like autumn and winter outfit that are in stores these days, not suitable for my country. The color is also boring; brown, black, cream, not as fun as summer collection's. So, yeah, beauty products only for this midnite sale.


  1. so many haul stuff >.<

    review it then :D

  2. Lotsa beauty stuff ><
    Unfortunately I didn't know about the midnite sale T_T
    Poor me...

    1. ahh u missed a chance >.<
      many places hold midnite sale before end of the year
      maybe there's still one ;)