Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation SMF05 Soft Beige

Here is another review of beauty product. This time I'm gonna share to you about a foundation from NYX. Its name's Stay Matte but Not Flat liquid foundation. Yaa, this Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation comes into two different forms, liquid and powder.

About a month ago, I purchased the liquid one in Soft Beige, or the code is SMF05. Actually, I was confused choosing which shades that matches to my skin tone, because I was gonna buy it online. However, I ended up with soft beige which it was a bit darker, I think. I don't know...I used to stick with Etude's product which provides only two shades, and I always prefer the light beige than the natural beige one.

Okay, back to NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation. From the name, it's quite interesting. NYX promises to give the matte look without looking flat. So, don't ever expect a glowing and shimmering result from this foundation. It will be matte, and actually, matte-look is always be my favorite.

Let's move to packaging!

The packaging is...err..too common. Simple transparent tube with black font on it. That's all. Nothing's special.

Then, here's the swatch.

And here's the result, before and after pic. I know I kinda look like a ghost in after pic. Maybe it's because flash. In real, it's not that bright. By the way, I used it to my lips too. Hahaha

The coverage is good, but not a wow. It's able to hide my redness but not too good to cover acne. The liquid is too watery, in my opinion, and I don't like the scent, smells like a heavy foundation. wth?! Also, after few hours of application it becomes sticky and makes my face oily.

But, the good thing is this foundation is cheap! Yayy! Only IDR 90,000. The result is not as good as the more expensive foundation, but it's quite good and really worth it to buy with such a good price. This foundation is great to be an alternative when I run out of foundation and don't have too much money to buy. But I prefer to buy my previous foundation, Etude Collagen Moistfull....if I have money. LOL!


  1. oh thankyou Anggie buat reviewnya, beberapa hari ini lagi cari review tentang foundatuon ini tp bingung karna rata2 yang ngereview orang2 bule (masalah skin tone)..
    bisa tolong kasih tau nama onlines shop yang jual foundation ini? ini akan sangat2 membantu saya.. thankyou . email me:

  2. Sis. Boleh ksh tau yg jualan foundie ini juga ga ? Email ya sis

  3. Hi, thanks for this review because I've researching bout this nyx product.
    I'm a newbie blogger and I followed you via google friend connect. I hope you follow me too and we can interact about our blog posts.
    PS, i like your 'about me' where you say you have lots of stories in your mind. girls who like dressing up is mostly misunderstood :)

    1. Thank you for you nice words ^^
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