Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Look: Broken Porcelain Doll

One day, I've watched bubzbeauty's video. She made a Halloween makeup tutorial by being a creepy broken porcelain doll. Soooo, I tried it at home days ago, and here, I wanna share my experience in trying a broken porcelain doll look. No, I won't said this is a tutorial, just go directly to bubzbeauty's channel if u wanna get the tutorial, because I am just a beginner in this makeup and stuffs. This is just a sharing :)

Okay, first step, I wear the circle lens. I choose Geo Princess Mimi Almond because the black outer rings make a dolly look and enlargement effect, very perfect to be doll's eyes.

Next, foundation. Also I need to emphasize my eyebrow by filling those with brown eyeshadow.

Then, go to the eyes part. At first, I use white eyeshadow to brow-bone and also as the base. After that, with smaller brush I draw line on my eyelid with brown eyeshadow so it makes my eyes look larger and deeper. Hereinafter, draw a line with eyeliner. I just follow my eye-line without trying to make wing. It is because dolls have kinda droopy eyes, right? Especially to make it more creepy. More droopy, more creepy, I think.

For more enlargement effect, I use my white eyeliner pencil to line my waterline.

Come to the eyelash part. I choose the lushest upper eyelashes that I had. And also, I cannot forget to wear bottom eyelashes.

Eyes! Done!

Now, lips! Not much. I just use lip balm to prevent dryness. Before using red lipstick, I wear nude lip concealer. Because doll has cute tiny lips, I must re-shape my full lips. Then, give a very clear cupid bow line.

Last, for cheeks, I just pat my blush on my apple cheeks. I don't smooth it over my cheekbones. Just pat it on one spot, because that is what dolls look like, cute blushing apple cheeks.

Tadaaaaa! This is my porcelain doll look. Hehehe

Now, it's time to break it. *creepy music's playing*

What I actually has done is like doodling my own face. Hahaha. By using black eyeshadow and line brush, I made line and cracks over my face. Last, I use black liquid eyeliner to clear the line and fill the hole with larger brush and black eyeshadow.

At first, it looked like this

But then, I added some random cracks. Hahahahahaha

Combine those two pics and give a goth touch. <3

That's all! Happy Halloween!

Products I used:
- Geo Princess Mimi Almond
- NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Foundation in Soft Beige
- Loose powder that is given by my doctor
- NYX Eyeshadow, dark brown
- Beautystyle Eyeshadow, white
- Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
- Beautystyle White Pencil Eyeliner
- Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer
- Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick
- Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #6


  1. love the crack! so real :)


  2. wahh baguss kaya beneran euyy ,retak nya ^_^

  3. Jarang2 blogwalking di blog cwe,bnr2 beda sma blog cwo,anyway bgs postingnya kyk di europe :) &

  4. Baguss efek retaknyaa ^^

  5. aku jg udh liat punya bubz, punyamu bagus jg loh ^^
    great post!

    1. iyaa, suka tutorialnya bubz ^^
      thank u