Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour in Indonesia

In this post, I wanna share my experience on BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR IN INDONESIA. Yes, I watched Bigbang performing live!!! Who doesn't know Bigbang?! A big K-pop boyband who has big fans called VIP, and I'm a VIP :D

The concert was held in two days, 12-13 October, at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. I was planned to watch on 13 October. However, I also came to the venue on 12 October due to my work. I work for Samsung, and it's a main sponsor of that event. Actually, at first, I tried to find out whether I can get a free-pass to the concert, so I would be able to watch it without spending money. Hahahahaha, the ticket was so expensive! I got my Standing-B ticket for IDR 1,460,000!! But, yaaah~, during my work, I couldn't get in the concert arena because I didn't get a free-pass. If I got free-pass, I wasn't sure if I still be able to watch because of the hectic activities.

This ID Card didn't give me a free-pass. LOL!

So, there was me, on 13 October, came again to watch Bigbang's concert. The concert was scheduled to begin at 8 P.M. I left home at 10 A.M. in the morning because I saw people start queuing since noon on 12 October, the first day. But then, when I arrived there, I was just like 'wtf?!'. I was too late. There was a huge crowded in front of the gate, and it was still 10 A.M?!!! The second day had much much more amount of audience than the first day.

At first, I also got in the line, but I could not stand it! It was a beach, the sun shined so bright, and the air was soooo dry. So I gave up, and..exit! I prefer taking a rest at the cafe, and waiting peacefully till the gate was opened. Meanwhile, there are many people who, unfortunately, fell off, fainted, collapsed, could not stand the hot weather, but forced themselves. Oh come on, you need to prepare the stamina for the main event, the concert!! How can you enjoy it with fatigue body?! I was back in the line at 5 P.M. Proudly, I announced you, I still got a perfect spot at the concert. Some pics will prove it later.

Okay, enough for all the 'something happened before the concert'. I finally entered the concert arena. There was a huge stage.

At 8 P.M, the concert began. Excitement raised! Audience shouted! Bigbang was there, on the stage, appeared from five different tubes! The show began!!

T.O.P, standing there, singing!! Me, melting.

Daesung is giving a 'souvenir' to VIPs

Seungri, cutely, arranges his pandas on the stage.
Hot Taeyang shows off his body.

I took all pics with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I don't have many good pictures, and too bad I don't have GD's pic that is good enough for this post. It was because I was sooo into the show, so my phone shook a lot. LOL! Blur pictures everywhere. But, actually, I still have some good videos. I recorded better.

This is the list of the songs they performed:

1. 'Still Alive' (played during Bigbang's showing up)
2. 'Tonight'
3. 'Hands Up'
4. 'Fantastic Baby'
5. 'How Gee'
6. 'Stupid Liar'
7. 'Knock Out' and 'High High' by GD and T.O.P
8. 'Strong Baby' and 'What Can I Do' by Seungri
9. 'Gara Gara Go'
10. 'Number 1'
11. 'Bad Boy'
12. 'Love Song'
13. 'Monster'
14. 'Blue'. The audience switched their yellow crowns to blue lightsticks. The stage felt sooo blue.
15. 'Feeling'
16. 'Wedding Dress' by Taeyang. Taeyang ripped his shirt and throw it to fans. He continued singing and dancing shirtless. Owwh, so hot!
17. 'Wings' by Daesung. Angel Daesung is angel! He flew over the stage with his wings.
18. 'Haru Haru' (accoustic version)
19. 'Lies'
20. 'Last Farewell'

They said goodbye, and went backstage. But, we wanted more! Shout to call them back to stage! And...TADAA, they appeared again with

21. 'Heaven'
22. Another 'Bad Boy'
23. 'Fantastic Baby' once more. This song was really overheated. I jumped crazily! LOL!

Many great things happened. GD wore blangkon, a traditional cap from Indonesia. Seungri said "dimana toilet?" or "where's the toilet?". Is the toilet really important for Seungri?! Hahahaha. Taeyang seemed like "aku cinta padamu" (I love you) so much. He even made a human beatbox version of "aku cinta padamu". Oooh, aku juga cinta padamu, Taeyang. Hahahaha. Also, I felt funny when T.O.P found it so hard to speak because we, audiences, shouted so loud. But then, he finally Korean. So epic, T.O.P! I didn't understand what u said, so do almost people there. Before that, other members tried to speak in English. But he was sooooooo handsome that night, so I forgave him. Hahaha

Two hours and a half (almost)! Bigbang gave super exciting, fun, satisfying performance. They did not lip-sync-ing. They danced perfectly. They gave a lot of fan service. They showed their love to VIPs. Soooooooooo I love Bigbang much much more. Wish they will be back to Indonesia with another great performance!

Camwhoring after concert.

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