Sunday, November 18, 2012

Palty Milk Tea Brown's quite a long time since my last post. I've been busy due to work. In addition, haku (my notebook)'s charger was left at my friend's house in a different city. Clumsy me! That's why I can't see Haku's on until yesterday, finally the charger had been shipped to me.

Okay, back to the post!

Since I bleached my own hair with Palty Bleach Gold Brown, I always need to re-dye my hair, because the black root is so ugly when it's getting longer. And it comes with a slightly different color with my hair. How I hate that!

Previously, I re-dye my hair with Prettia. I think because it's a foam dye, the color fades so quickly. It did a good job in covering my black root. But in few weeks, the root comes back, of course longer than before. My hair color also turned out to be yellowish. I've just realized now, my friends kept saying "Did u dye your hair again? Because your hair turns brighter." Well, it's not really brighter, it's more yellow. Hahaha

So, I decided to back to usual hair dye, not a foam dye. I chose Palty Milk Tea Brown. My second experience using this brand, with the same color. First, to my virgin black hair, and this, the second, to my bleached hair.

Here, what's in the box:

I got the old version of Palty box, with Tsubasa Masuwaka's still on it. There's a new model, and I kinda raise my eyebrow seeing Palty box without Tsu-chan's face. Meanwhile, another face is on it, with exactly the same gesture, the same hair-style, and the same design. :/

Well, the box is cute with pink background and flowers, and blings. So gyaru, rite?!

Here's my hair before

See?! So ugly! My sister said my hair has watermelon pattern. LOL!

And here's after root has gone! My hair color is now even. No more watermelon pattern.

Note it! If you already have a bright color, or lighter color hair, do the root first. And then, wait for about ten minutes and do the rest, and wait again for an hour.

BUT, if you have a black hair, do the opposite. Do the tip first, wait for ten minutes, do the rest, and wait again for an hour.

So you'll have even color for your hair.

Have a try!

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