Sunday, November 2, 2014

NUWA Re-Opening

Welcome November!

This month, finally I decided to re-open my online shop, and this time I come up with new concept. NUWA will be a vintage shop. I will sell resale vintage fashion. The price will be very affordable since all items are below IDR 175k. Also, I've selected clothes with such a great quality. Buyers are welcome to ask for more details if they want to make sure about the quality.

These past months, I've been influenced by Japanese culture. Specifically in fashion, I have a big interest in Mori Kei, or literally, 'Forest Girl'. This style has been associated with warm and earthy colors, such as brown, green, creme, rust, and ivory. So, personally, I picked the outfits based on that color wheel and mix-match it to look like mori kei, or vintage in general. Yaa, but calling it mori kei sounds a bit improper, because I don't play too much in layers since this country has summer all year round. I will stick with the term 'vintage', 50s to 60s.

Take a peek of some items.

'Good girl' set, that less than IDR 300,000.

Awesome black maxi dress for only IDR 175k

Mori set, which is my favorite. Outer for IDR 85,000 and long white dress for IDR 130,000.

Or this set, selected by my sister, for IDR 175k.

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