Monday, November 24, 2014

Picnic Over Tribeca

On November 15, I planned a meetup with my friend, Nurul, and I just randomly asked her to come to Central Park. She previously asked me is there any events on that day, and coincidentally, I saw some bloggers posted about a 'Picnic Over Tribeca' that would be held at Central Park. So we came there.

I'm not a food lover, but attending this kind of event once in a while will never goes wrong, I guess. This post wouldn't be a proper event report, just a pictures post, I think.

Tribeca Park was pretty crowded at that time. Food stalls were lined up there, and they were really tempting since I had such a hard time deciding which one should I buy. Also, I was hungry.

Finally, I decided to try the corn dogs, because I think the portion might suffice as my lunch. The food sold were mostly snacks and beverages that would nice to be eaten and drunk while having a picnic at the park. Bought some ice cream too, but forgot to take a pic of them.

Picnic time!

Took some selfies.

And feet selfie.

My OOTD, one of NUWA collection. :P

End of the post. Bye~

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