Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Witch

Yes, it's a witch, not a ghoul. And I have no specific reason to call it a witch. I just thought that this look was witch-y.

Inspired by (indeed) ghoul and some makeup arts I found on the internet, I created this Witch Look for Halloween. It's already October 26th, but not too late to post something with Halloween theme, even though I'm pretty sure this blog will be filled by forever Halloween posts.

This year, I feel everyone getting excited of Halloween. Not just celebrating it by coming to a 'Halloween' party effortlessly, but everyone now is getting the Halloween vibes. I can see that so many parties require their guests to come with their costumes.

Too bad I'm not going anywhere this Halloween. Not because I'm busy but I just don't have such a partner in crime for something like costume party. Anyone wanna ask me out and wear crazy makeup + full costume with me?

Well, I will celebrate Halloween everyday in my blog though, if you define Halloween with 'wearing unusual makeup'.

Enough words. Here I am, as the Witch. Still far from a pro. I also depend too much on photo editing.

This time I managed to not being lazy and capture the step-by-step of the eye-make.

Products I used:
1. BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil eyeshadow palette
2. NYX Natural eyeshadow palette
3. NYX Black eyeliner
4. Dollywink Eyebrow pencil
5. Yukkiyuna eyelashes
6. Ageha Lunatia Green contact lenses

Happy Halloween! For everyone who's gonna go to a party, try your best to dress up, okay?!

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