Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Blue?!

Today is the day of Winter Solstice Festival or Tang Cheh. Therefore, my grandma made Tangyuan. This is a ritual that must be done every year. Tangyuan is balls made from glutinous rice flour, cooked in sweet and warm soup. Originally, there will be much ginger added in it, but I don't like ginger because it will be too hot for this weather, my throat burns.

Usually, I, with my sisters, will help my grandma in making it. But today, I came home late so every things for tomorrow's tangyuan cooking had been settled. 

Then I found something's weird.

Why blue?!

Every year, my grandma will make three-color-tangyuan: white, red, and green. But this year, why blue?!

Grandma then told me that she used unusual food-coloring that had been kept in the fridge. She mistakenly took the blue, thought it will turn out to be green. That food-coloring actually was used to color chocolate which my sister bought almost a year ago. She became kinda pissed off seeing her tangyuan blue, and threw the food-coloring away later. LOLOL

Well, actually I think blue is cuter, isn't it?! I think next year, it's gonna be great if the tangyuan is made in rainbow colors. Only if my grandma agrees.

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