Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

It feels like decades since I've written beauty products' review. And now I'm back with Dear My Blooming Lips-talk from Etude House. It's not a new product. Old one. But I've been wanting this since its first launch. Well, just now I was given the chance (read: money).

I bought two shades #OR211 and #RD303. I spend minutes (or hours) in the store choosing which shades should I pick. Now I'm sure: when it comes to lip color, I always end up choosing the orange one.

I think, the main reason why I want to buy these lipsticks is because their cute packaging. I'm not a fan of pink but I can't stand the cuteness.

Now, let's see the color. Here's the swatches:

Left: RD303
Right: OR211

OR211 is orange-y nude. This shade of lipstick has been on my wishlist since I'm obsessed with Lime Crime's Babette. I suddenly became nude lips lover. Well~ OR211 and Babette is different. Babette is more into pink than orange. But I always doubt Babette will look good on me since I have pale and yellow skin. I'm afraid I'm going to be like an ill girl. So, for warming up to greet Babette, I try this one from Etude House. Hahahaha. And I'm really happy it turns out good! I like the color!

It's a bit pale in the picture, but in real, I think it's a really nice color, warm nude orange that looks so sweet.


Next, RD303

This lipstick is a combination between red and orange. The color is fun and bright. When people say, don't combine bright lip color with bright cheek blusher, I feel like I should be against it when I try this lipstick on. I think it's really perfect to create such a playful look with red blusher.

The cons maybe it won't really last long on lips. However, I'm quite satisfied with this product. I love the colors.

Which shade is your favorite?


  1. Pas di swatch warna nya lebih vibrant ya? yang OR211 bagus banget di kamu XD

    1. iyaaa. swatchnya warnanya lebih kereng.
      thank you, ilma ^^

  2. Looks really cute the color in the lips!!
    I want to try it!