Friday, December 6, 2013

Lancôme Happy Holidays, and Grand Opening of Lancôme counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Finally, I blog again. Too busy to blog recently.
That was an excuse actually. I don't even know what I'm busying with.

On November 23rd, Lancôme invited me to their counter grand opening at Lotte Shopping Avenue. I came late because I could not find a cab to bring me there. When I arrived, the situation already felt like Paris and super romantic. Why? Because there was music and dance: two ballerinas, an accordionist and a violist. They changed the mall into one of an alley in Paris.

This flower added the romanticism of Paris. Lancôme specially gave white roses to everyone on that day.

Lancôme's new counter was designed by a famous architect, Peter Marino. The counter is soooo bright, and glamorous. Just take a look!

First, we head to the skincare area:

The bling bling gold for Absolue

The fact you need to know is this Absolue L'extrait contains up to 2 million Lancôme rose native cells. No wonder why they said it's the ultimate rejuvenating elixir.

This is the best seller skincare series from Lancôme : Genifique

Then, time to move to another area. This time is fragrance. Who doesn't love perfume, and its bottle?! See how this part of counter looks like it's made of glass.

The new La Vie Est Belle. This perfume has an elegant scent, very perfect to be a Julia Roberts wannabe. 

Talking about perfume, when I was in elementary school, I loved to collect perfume bottles. They looked so glamour and unique. Therefore, I always kept my Mom or my aunts' empty perfume bottles and arranged them nicely on the shelf. Too bad, they're all gone, thrown away by myself.

Next, we go to the consultation area. This is the place where you get consultation with the BAs and decide which products will suit you well.

There's also some kinds of dressing tables where you can apply Lancôme makeups and get the makeover.

Last, heading to my favorite part, the makeup area. I'm always getting excited when I come to makeup display in a counter. I love seeing so many colors of lipsticks, eyeshadows; many shades of foundation and powder. That is what must be called the magnificent sight, in my opinion.

The star of the day is the limited edition Lancôme Happy Holidays collection.

I really love how they make the blush really special. Do you agree?

That's all. That was my day touring at the new Lancôme counter. It's December already. Christmas and New Year will come really soon. Happy Holidays for you all! But before I end this post, here it is: my face of the day

And of course you can't forget my outfit of the day

Merci et au revoir!


  1. nice event report. aku juga ikutan event lancome happy holiday tapi yang di galeries lafayette. OOTD nya lucu, kamu keliatan jadi kayak anak kecil hihihi btw, aku nominasiin kamu di Liebster Award. cek di blogku ya
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