Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nayy Nayy Nayyyyyyyy

The title sounds really annoying, right?!

I've just followed @ootdindo on instagram. I'm amazed that so many people in Indonesia dare to be what we call 'fashionista', because we all know the feeling when we just dress up a bit and go to the street, thousand eyes will look at us, judging or staring like perverts. Big yay for these people and whoever made this account!

But...I'm also amazed by so many 'nayy nayy nayy' comments on every posts they uploaded. 

Even more stupid, I once found some comments that state 'how can you wear that outfit in Indonesia?'. Heyyy~ why not?! As long as that people don't use too much fur in this tropical country, I think it's okay for them to wear anything they like.

Then, there also comes debate in which the 'nay nay' commentators will say that they JUST want to speak up their opinion, and it goes to 'hail freedom!' and some 'democratic stuff' that too tough for discussed until my brain cannot handle anymore.

When you meet a stranger who dress up in a really not-your-style on the street, do you dare to say 'nayyyy' in front of her? I bet you not, because we all have learnt about something named etiquette. I think so many people forget about this etiquette in cyber world. Or...maybe they forget that there is a real person in every username, who has a real heart, mind, and emotion.

So we're not supposed to say 'nay nay' merely because it's not our style and preference. Even if we don't like it at all! Moms, Dads, teachers must have taught us how to politely talk to someone. Well~, don't make their effort useless. Speak nicely everywhere, and of course must comment nicely too. Just like many people have said, treat someone like the way you wanna be treated.

Oh! By the way, I don't make the photos, usernames, and comments blur deliberately, because you may curious about their high-class fashion taste and go to their accounts to check.


  1. ahahah emg plg sebel sm org yg bs nya naynaynay doang, pdhal blm tntu dia sndri lebih baik dr yg dikritik ya gaaa? :p

    1. betul! sejujurnya pun banyak dari mereka yang sebenernya ga tau apa2 soal 'fashion'. xixixixixixixi

      thanks for the comment ^^

  2. wkwkwk. ak juga follow ig ootdindo dan jujur ak suka banget sm account itu, soalnya byk yg bagus" gitu fashion stylenya. Emg yg bilang nay nay nayy gitu bikin risih banget sih :/ dan yg ak bingung tuh kadang 1, yg suka bilang nay knp follow account mereka? terus emang mereka kyk bisa lebih bagus gitu apa? epic jg kadang. hahahah xD

    1. yaaa~ keren2 ootdnya!
      hahaha mungkin berasa jadi eksis dan paling high-class taste of fashionnya XD
      terkadang cuma yang 'aneh' dikit, langsung aja dibilang 'NAYYYY', padahal itu kan style mereka :/