Monday, May 20, 2013

New Hair

I got my hair cut about two, eh, three weeks ago. Umm such a late post, but it's okay lah, let me make a post about it.

I think I've let my hair grow for about more than two years, two years and a half maybe. Didn't get haircut for such a long time. Forgot to take a pic but my hair was in horrible condition; split ends, awful dryness, and frizzy. Yaah, I'd dyed my hair routinely, and ever bleached my hair once, so no surprise if my hair was in such a bad condition. Moreover, I hadn't given such a luxury treatment to my hair. Hahahahahaha.

People always say, take a lesson for every things that happened. So, I'll take a lesson. I won't let my hair grow long again. At least every 6 months, I should get my hair cut. Except, if one day, I have a chance to get a luxury treatment once a week at the very expensive salon in the city. One of my dream! And I, definitely, will let my hair grow long and super healthy.

Enough word.

I said, I want to get an even haircut. All tip of my hair should be at the same level, and oh, with bangs, of course.

Why I prefer bangs than no bangs is because the amount of my hair is really in a critical state (hyperbole a bit). Not that I have a very bad hair damage, I just...was born like that, tiny little amount of hair. So, without bangs, my hair will look so flat, no volume at all.'s my new hair!

Bye bye split ends! Bye bye frizzy hair!

I have no regret in saying goodbye to my super long hair. I even want to have it shorter than this, but cannot! I still have works to do! I need to have at least medium length hair. But maybe, in six months, I'm gonna have a cute shoulder-length-hair, and it should be blonde too. Hahahahaha.

That's all! Bye bye!

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