Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Face Shop: New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

"There are VOLCANIC activities in New Zealand Rotorua Area. This activity creates hot MUD SPOTS. New Zealand Rotorua Mud is one of the best three muds in the world!"


The Face Shop creates this: New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack.

What for?

If you usually use nose pack that comes in strips, this is another way to pull off all those annoying blackheads and whiteheads.

Instead of using nose strips, you can use the clay nose pack, and it's way more cheaper. I got this for about IDR 75,000 (50 g), and it can be used many times. I've already used it 6 times, the tube is still full. 

Inside the tube, there's sticky clay. So sticky, so sometimes I find it hard to apply because it often sticks to my finger.

Apply it by rubbing the sticky clay to nose area. Wait for about 10-15 minutes until it dries. And then, you can peel it off. Watch out..it hurts a bit (ouch!).

And TADAAA...the blackheads are removed.

Can't see, huh?! No, the blackheads are not the black spots in the middle. They're just holes. But there're some blackheads that can be successfully pulled off.

Actually, I don't like this product. I prefer using nose strips because it's more simple. I also find it's more effective to pull the blackheads off my nose. As the picture has shown, I don't know why, but when the clay gets dry, the holes appear that follow the form of my pores. So when I peel it off, it cannot peel the blackheads. I've been using this nose pack many times, but the holes keep appearing whether I apply it thin or thick.

Some people say this product is good for them and wonderfully works-that's why I bought this after reading so many good reviews-but for me, I think it doesn't work quite well. 

Well, that's all. Next time, I'll repurchase my usual nose strips.


  1. aku pake ini juga sis, dan yang keangkat banyak bangeeeet. tapi pakenya agak tebel, itu ketipisan kayaknya, jadi bolong2 gitu.

    aku lebih suka ini sih daripada porepack, bisa sampe ke pipi juga dan bisa di dagu juga.

    ni cocoknya pake masker aztec dulu, baru pake ini sis.


    1. sipp,, aku coba tipsnya. thank u
      kalo ketebelan jadi ga kering2, dan waktu itu juga tetep bolong sih 0.o

  2. aku udah pake lama, udah mau abis.
    ini sis, liat di sini, baru aja kemarin aku post di fb, belum aku review di blog sih.

  3. wahh!! you have really pretty eyes~
    check out my review on it maybe?