Sunday, November 25, 2012

Which Haircolor?!

So, this post isn't about a review of beauty products. This will be my murmuring about hair, hair color exactly. How I expect a unique hair color, but not like everyone has.

Okay, at first, I want a very bright hair,  but not blonde. Because everyone knows blonde, so many people has blonde hair. So, I conclude, girls with blonde hair is common. Though, I swear everyone in my country would stare at me if I have this blonde hair.

However, the wilder idea come out. I search on the internet, and find that orange-head is awesome, I think. Hehehe

See this girl from SNSD named Tiffany. That orange hair makes she looks so sweet.

On facebook, I also find an ulzzang with orange hair. Unfortunately I forget her name, sorry.

Fair skin and bright hair is a perfect combination. See that ulzzang! She's pale but looks fresh with her orange hair and also orange tint on her lips.

I'm kinda inspired with this orange hair, but I continue searching on the internet and find another hair color that attracts me. Labil sekali! Hahahaha

Here, the famous doll, Blythe with the pink-light brown hair.

And my reaction is 'AWESOME, this is what my hair should be'! Hahahaha.

If Lightning (my favorite character in Final Fantasy) hair that makes me enchanted and kinda obsessed with pink-tone color, Blythe's hair offer the softer looking that somehow is more awesome to me. The pink blends perfectly with the light brown, so it creates the more natural hair color that is so unique.

Yes, yes, I'm gonna have this hair color!!....but later.

Well, I still work that require me to not being so much different from others. So I cannot have the uniqueness. Haha! But don't worry, it still be okay if I have normal hair color.

Recently, I considered ash hair.

Like the one on Palty box, Marshmallow Ash.

And Qiuqiu, my favorite blogger from Singapore, posted her hair with ash hair and blue highlight on instagram that makes me more in love with ash.

She's so pretty, right?!

Yeah, I wanna try ash. But the problem is I'm still obsessed with bright color. So I hardly decide should I go ashy, or still try to go light brownie? #FirstWorldProblem

LOL! Sorry maybe this is nonsense.

P.S.: If you note it, all picture have the same hairstyles: bangs and wavy. Love it! <3


  1. vote for Orange hair color >.< :P

    Aku juga suka warna orange" gitu.. haha
    Tapi susah dapet warna yang sesuai :(

    1. ahaaa, jadi makin galau >.<
      iyaaaaaa...kudu nyalon yang tepat :DD

  2. hai anggi, aku masukin nama kamu di liebster award, mampir n ikutin rulesnya yah, makasii.

  3. The ash hair looks great!! :)
    Do update us on what you chose!

    Followed your blog!

    1. thank u so much. glad if u keep reading ^o^