Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Junky Cosmetics and the Advertisements

Recently, I've been so annoyed receiving many broadcast messages in Blackberry Messenger that advertise the products that they sell. Advertisements is okay for me, even if I need to wait the buffer of advertisement in Youtube, it's still okay. However, it's going to be annoying when it comes to advertisements of junks, rubbish products.I'm talking about cosmetics. I've found so many cosmetics that unclear where it is from, what it is made of, but they advertise its in a persuasive way and also in a junky way, in my opinion.

Let's go directly to the case!

Here, I found this

And also this

What's weird from those pics is the seller said that whitening product is from Korea, but why there's Chinese writing with no Korean Hangul?! So where does it come from actually?! Another weird thing that we can see clearly in second pictures is how can a product can instantly whiten your skin (the seller said in three minutes. WTH)?! Does it made of wall painting?!

And another case

Lip tint is not a Wow New Product, but the seller assures that this product that makes the Korean actresses have a cute red lips. They use Goo Hye Sun's photo as Geum Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers. Seriously?! Of course she uses branded products not that odbo tint.

Then, I found another pic of this tint.

They use Sandara, who everyone knows that she's a brand ambassador for Etude House, that is ORIGINALLY from Korea. That pic is taken from Kiss Note CF, and there, she uses My Dear Blooming Lips from Etude.

Found the original one, taken from Etude House event

See! How can a product can be guaranteed safe if they stole another product model's photo.

In fact, Etude House sells so many lip tints that also affordable for our wallet. I asked the seller that the odbo tint is sold for IDR 50,000. Gosh! Just add little amount of your money, and you will get Etude lip tint, such a Fresh Cherry Tint, Dear Darling Tint, and many more. All Etude products are guaranteed safe and have good quality too.

As a conclusion, I suggest you to be a smart buyer.  Don't be misguided by their advertisement. I'm used to see the review on the internet if I wanna buy cosmetics online, until I find whether that products is suitable for me. So, research, research, research! Use the search engine for this! This is why beauty blogger exists, for the one who need cosmetics review. And also, I prefer branded cosmetics than unknown cosmetics. Note it! Not all branded cosmetics are expensive, you can find the affordable one, like Etude House, Tony Moly, or Lioele, from Korea and Maybelline or NYX from US, and also PAC from Indonesia, and many many more I think. I do that because makeup is directly applied to our skin, so I don't want my face to be break out after using junky products.

For Indonesian reader, I think this group and page will help a lot to increase awareness of fake and junky cosmetics. Because the advertisement like I explained above can be included as fraud, and surely we don't want to be trapped in this. Be pretty, be smart, girls!


  1. Nice post! Setuju banget, aku juga ga masalah kalo broadcast masarin produk yg jelas, bukan yg ga jelas gitu, konyol liat foto odbo liptint yg ke 2 jd senyum2 liatnya xD
    Malah ada adik kelasku msih kelas 2 SMA jual MAC palsu. MAC eyeshadow pallete isi 24 wrna cuma 100rb? Well, MAC aj ga pernah keluarin pallete eyeshadow lbih dr 4 atau 6 hihihi.
    Following you now :)

    1. yaa! gerah banget liatnya
      and OMG they sell the junk so pricey(>.<)/

      anyway, thanks for ur comment ^^

  2. aku termasuk orang yang telat banget buat kenal kosmetik, karena duu aku tomboy dan gak mau ribet dengan begituan. tapi sekarang aku lagi belajar2. di fb aku nemu account yg jual kosmetik bermeerk nyx, mac, etude dengan kualitas kw 1. walaupun aku ga ngerti maksudnya apa, tapi aku pikir kalau ga banget kalau kita beli produk kw 1 untuk kosmetik.

    1. ya, ga banget.
      ngapain beli yang KaWe2an kalo banyak kok produk makeup, apalagi yang lokal, yang juga affordable?!

      thanks for the comment, dear ^^