Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 -> 2015

Second day of 2015, it's raining hard outside. I'm staying at home so why not uploading pics and starting to write this blogpost.

I was celebrating New Year with my family these last two days. I was really aware that celebration seems undeserved due to tragic accident that recently happened, the crash of Air Asia QZ8501. Deep condolences to the victims and family. Hearing that sad news really affected me, like I cannot imagine how gloomy the family would be in this supposed-to-be-happy moment. To be honest, a slight of guilt crashed me when I saw people, yaa you can also include me, cheered to the first seconds of 2015.

At some time I also thought, I just wanted to watch fireworks peacefully. Such an irony, though. Thinking that watching fireworks is somehow peaceful is ironic, considering the loud blasting sound and smoke. But that's what I think. I'm always feeling hurt hearing people cynically say that fireworks is such a waste of money, because they think it merely means burning money to the sky. I enjoy fireworks to the extent that I will find it calming. I can't imagine New Year without fireworks.

So, on New Year's eve, my family and I went out for food. Eating at Hong Tang Pantai Indah Kapuk while waiting for the clock to reach 12.

Bored, we moved to a place with nice illuminations at Baywalk, Pluit. A giant rubber duck that was too small compared to the one in Hongkong stood there. It was also my first time I went there. I had a thought that place would be nice if the sea was blue.

We saw fireworks from afar. That was quite calming even though I barely saw a good one.

First day in 2015, I went to meet my aunts and cousins. I finally met Molly again in months. She was so cheerful as usual, running around in never-ending excitement. I couldn't even snap a good pic of her.

Later, my family decided to go to Baywalk. Oh well, there again. But I also thought it was a best decision, since I have no idea where to go. You know when a family in Jakarta want to have some nice hangouts, they would end up being inside a nice building called 'mall'. Isn't that monotonous and repetitive until you can find it boring?

But yesterday at Baywalk was surprisingly great since I could watch fireworks again and eat seafood. 

Outfit I wore yesterday made me looks somehow slimmer. You agree? And I just realized that my hair has grown pretty long.

Selfies with Alin.

Besides New Year, January 1st also means Nia's birthday. We celebrated her birthday while waiting for the food we had ordered.

Blow the candles out. Wait, whose birthday is it?! Nia or Jansen?

We had dinner at Bandar Djakarta that night. And this 'Udang bumbu telur asin' was the winner of that day.

This fish was also great but no match with the prawn. 

And I had birthday cake as dessert.

Later on, there was fireworks near the sea. This time Baywalk mall itself lit them for the visitor. So I had a chance to take nicer pictures since the fireworks was really close. I was so happy because of it until I think I'm going to thank Baywalk personally.

This year, I bought a camera so I can capture every moment in my life nicely. Every year I've watched fireworks, it was so nice but sadly it would appear plain in picture, taken with just my phone camera. So when I said I was happy seeing fireworks, it was real happiness, added by the satisfaction of being able to capture the image of it as nice as it's seen in real.

Now I have finished the activities report and it's time for New Year resolution.


Kidding! I won't make one.

First reason is because I even cannot fulfill half of my lists in 2014 (read here), so why I should make another one. Now that I recall to last year, I was pumped up about 2014, filled with optimistic behaviors and positivism. Indeed, 2014 was a great year. I will talk more about it below. But now, quoting my self from last year "I'm gonna regret it and mock my self for being like a teen girl who post resolutions on her own blog", that's true, definitely comes true. I'm a bit embarrassed of my own post, like how come I could write that kind of post in this blog and want everyone to read it. Moreover, I didn't even do half of them *facepalm*.

Second, it was because 2014 has brought me to a state that I don't feel euphoric of a 4 changes to 5. I'm not in such a depression. No. I'm thankful of 2014. But I think I just realized that instead of wanting to do every new things, it would be better to keep the pace and fix the old things that still can be fixed. Instead of running towards blurry goals, it would be better to treasure every day I have and move forwards step-by-step to a better day.

2014 was great for me. It was started with such a great enthusiasm, and every day I found new interesting things. I'm really sure that I've learned a lot this year. All teaching experiences, meeting new students, finding new hobbies, going to exciting places, it was all awesome. But as I've said, I've left too many scattered pieces behind, thus made the goal so fragile until I constantly come back to a state of 'what should I do from here?'.

Now what should I do from here? I'm not even sure I've taken a right step, but if things go wrong, I must be ready to fix it.

So happy new year all. Hope 2015 brings happiness for you and me.

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