Monday, January 19, 2015

HelloFest Anima Expo 2014

This post is really really late since HelloFest was held on November 22-23, 2014. It's January already but I can't help myself to not post this. Can't waste such good pictures, right?

I went there with Alin and Nurul.

So, at there, I finally found something that I had been wanting since long time. These past months, I've grown an interest into collecting chibi figures called Nendoroid. I only had Nendoroid Levi back then, in November, and I've been searching for Nendoroid Aoba & Ren since I was into their series, Dramatical Murder, so much.

I went to HelloFest without having a thought I would spot that chibi figure there. And then....there it was. A booth there displayed that Nendoroid. I remember my first reaction was screaming in front of Alin's face. Previously, I was really frustrated because I couldn't find this Nendoroid anywhere. I've asked several toy shops but they always had no stock.

Glad I found Nendoroid Aoba & Ren at HelloFest. Happy! Happy! Happy!

Isn't he cute?! *squeal*

Okay, now let's talk about the event itself. Many cosplayers gathered there. Below are the pictures. Enjoy and name the character if you know them, because I, to be honest, don't know 50% of them. Hahaa. Despite my not knowing who they are, I still love them, because they've shown a great performance as we can see what an effort they put into creating costumes and stuff to mimic the character they adore. Cool!

But, hello~, I definitely know this character below. It's Kaneki Ken!

Night before I went to HelloFest, I read the new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re (or was that only the spoiler?!, I forget). Well, as usual, it affected me emotionally. Then I bluffed to Nurul that if I spotted Kaneki there, I would hug him (LOL!). However, I was too shy when meeting Kaneki, so I was just taking picture with him. (LOL! again)

By the way, there were many Kanekis at HelloFest, from KuroNeki to ShiroNeki.

And then, we also met Vocaloid gang,

One Piece gang,

and Zombie gang,

I know they're really creepy.

Most importantly, we took picture with Mas Wahyu Aditya. He seemed so busy yet so nice and friendly.

We spent our day at HelloFest stopping cosplayers and seeing many interesting booths that sold mostly animation merchandises. In the evening, we watched some short movies that have made it to final and we, the visitors, were able to vote for our favorite movie. That was really fun. Some movies were really funny, some were touching. Well, I just hope they can specify the movies into categories since that's such a pain to vote that many genres.

Check out Nurul's post too.

Cute badges purchased at HelloFest.

End of the post. Bye bye.


  1. Ren-nya ngga sekalian di-post fotonya?

    1. Ren dipost di instagram saja cukup. :D

  2. Wow, some awesome cosplays! Looks like fun ^_^

    { }

  3. OMG! You are so lucky to found an Aoba Nendoroid!! ;;;A;;;
    I got a Noiz here and he is alone without Aoba =(
    I'm from Malaysia =D

    1. YES! I was soooo lucky!!!
      Now my Aoba is with Noiz and waiting for Koujaku ^o^

      Thank you for visiting my blog ^^