Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bob and Red

Whenever you feel down, or super bored by monotonous life, at the same time feel super tired to do those monotonous things, go to salon and get the new hair. Trust me, it works. Mood instantly boosts.

I'd planned to cut my hair short and dye it again, but I thought maybe not now. I still had many things to do, and maybe it would go too pricey. But then, life's going so tough until I think I wanna cut my hair. See the connection?! No?! Neither do I.

Well~ whatever. New look indeed brings some refreshment to life. It's psychologically proven, even though I don't know who said so. So, last Monday, I went to salon with Alin, and spent the longest time ever being there. FIVE hours!! or more.

I got my hair cut and dyed. Totally forgot to take a pic for before and after salon since I was too annoyed seeing my previous hair cut. I went there with my ugly and messy hair, had not washed hair since three days before. The hairdresser cut my hair short bob, just as I wanted. I also wanted to get my hair bleached and dyed. Well, this spent a lot of time. Probably my butt went flat because of too much sitting on that day.

After reached home, I asked Alin to take a pic of my new hair.

The pic was taken with flash, so in real, it's not as bright as that pic, but still looks obvious, especially under the sunlight. And now everyone in the street will stare at me and my red hair.

No one knows what my hair color exactly is. When the hairdresser brought the dye, I was wondering, is she going to change my hair to be carrots, because the color looks like carrots seriously. Previously, I said I want to get rid the yellow tone that my hair got after bleaching. She mixed some colors, and TADAA my hair turned to red. But hey, after rinsing and drying, it came out really nice. I totally like it! So does my Mom. So does my sister.

I actually wanted to make this blog post right after I came home from the salon. But I realized I didn't have eyebrow pencils, powder, or anything else that would be suitable for my new hair. I would not take a selfie with super ridiculous dark eyebrows. When finally my ordered Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil and Etude House brow mascara came safely to my house, I felt so safe to take some selfies.

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