Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brows Talk

'How to draw eyebrows?' becomes the most essential yet difficult task in my everyday makeup routine. I was born with uneven eyebrows. Well, not only uneven, but extremely uneven, so if I draw eyebrows following the line of my natural eyebrows, my face will look super ridiculous. Fortunately, I also was born with thin eyebrows, thus the difference won't look so obvious. With those thin eyebrows, it's easier to manipulate the shape of my eyebrows.

Okay, this is the picture of my natural eyebrows.

My left eyebrow is kinda straight with the correct curve at the correct place, meanwhile my right eyebrow decides to make the curve too early, very near from glabella. I think everyone would agree with me that my right eyebrow is a big problem. 

Now talking about my favorite eyebrows shape, I like them to be not too thick, but not too thin, and not too curvy, but not too straight. Hahaha sounds too absurd. But precisely, arched eyebrows are my least favorite, because in my opinion, it will make my face looks so old. Straight and too thick Korean eyebrows is also not my preference. I like straight eyebrows, but not too thick maybe. But somehow I feel jealous looking at Korean girls that looks so pretty with super thick eyebrows.

For the color, I really like blonde eyebrows. I think eyebrows color MUST BE lighter than hair color. And I even won't protest if someone colors her eyebrows way too light. That's still cool! That's why I always try to make my eyebrows as light as I can. I bleach my eyebrows routinely. See my post about bleaching eyebrows here. Besides that, it's also important for me to trim my brows regularly. 

I then realized, that all of these treatment makes me feel naked if I go out without drawing my eyebrows. Bleaching and trimming make me almost brow-less. So, I can't imagine I live without these:

Thanks for the founder of eyebrow pencil, mascara, powder, and etc.

O-kay, next, this is how I draw my eyebrows so unprofessionally by using Dollywink eyebrow pencil in Honey Brown.

Basic knowledge of drawing eyebrows is to know where to begin (purple), where the curve starts (pink), and where to end it (green). 

Left to right:
I make the dots, but usually I draw the first dot at about 0.5 cm from where my brows supposed to start. I will brush it following the line to my nose area and bring it down along the shade of my nose. It will make eyebrows looks more natural instead of starting precisely parallel to nostril. 

Then, I connect the first two dots with a single line.

Now, connect with the last dot.

And fill them in.

Now one side is done!

Hahaa, the difference looks so obvious.

After I have drawn both of my eyebrows. I will use Etude House Color My Brows #2 Light Brown. 

The result:

Still uneven. Hahahahaha. As I said before, eyebrows will always be the biggest task in doing my makeup.

Okay, I think my left eyebrow is better. So I will take another selfie from this angle.

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