Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Day at Trans Studio Bandung

On Monday, my family and I went to Bandung. The main reason of our trip was to pack my stuff out from my boarding room that I've rented for a year. Yaaa, I don't live in Bandung (Jatinangor actually) anymore, even though my study hasn't finished yet T_T. A few more subjects to take, plus thesis to deal with, after that I can graduate next year. I hope.

That day, my family, who rarely have a holiday's trip because of the super busy parents, decided to go to Trans Studio after my boarding room has been left empty. It was my first time going to Trans Studio. Many people said it was a very good theme park. Finally, the time had come to step with my own feet at Trans Studio, Bandung.

At the entrance

This theme park is located in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. It was built a year ago. I remember last time I go there, it was only a mall called Bandung Super Mall. But now, the mall is still there, added with a theme park and a very luxurious hotel. So at there you can playing, shopping, and taking a rest. It's not cheap though. Hahahaha.

Not many people went there because it was Monday and also a day on Ramadhan. There was a special price for the ticket, only IDR 110,000. Moreover, I could ride many things without queuing. But when evening came, I just realized the visitors increase. I didn't expect there would be a crowd like that, can't imagine what will happens there during holiday. Glad I came on that day. But unfortunately the Yamaha Racing Coaster was closed because they said it was under maintenance. Ahh, I've been waited in my life for trying that roller coaster.

However, I have pretty much fun time trying almost all of the rides there, except the Giant Swing. At first, I wanted to ride it, preparing myself to get in there. But no one wanted to accompany me, so I thought 'is that so scary?', then I became a coward and decided to not ride that. I actually planned to ride that since I was still at home. In contrary, I was trapped into Dunia Lain, which I thought I would not have a courage to try that. Dunia Lain is where you will be scared with many Indonesian ghosts like Pocong, Kuntilanak, Suster Ngesot, and many more, original from Indonesia. That's not real (are ghosts real?!), I know, but those things scared me most than a Giant Swing. However, with so much fuss, I saw Dunia Lain. Fiuuuhh! No need to tell you what's inside it. No surprise, no fun.

Being swung on Vertigo (this ride's my favourite), seeing the cute doll's performance which show the provinces of Indonesia and their uniqueness in Bolang Adventure, trying many science props in Science Center, and becoming Insert Investigasi presenter in Broadcast Museum, but there was just a part of Trans Studio I'd been at. I was at Studio Central. There were still two more parts of Trans Studio left, The Lost City and Magic Corner.

After swinging on Vertigo. Glad we still can pose for this pic.

Taking a pic with a very tall and very nice clown.
The hyper-excited Insert Investigasi presenters.

Epic doll at Bolang Adventure represents the real tukang becak in Yogya. Big LOL!

The Giant Swing which I only saw it.

Trying one of the science props at Science Center

Time to head to Magic Corner where I tried Dunia Lain and rode Negeri Raksasa where I was being dropped down so badly (uhh my tummy!). Then, at the last part, The Lost City, I was being soaked by riding Jelajah (not too soaked actually. No need to change clothes. Hehehehe), flying around Trans Studio in Skypirates, and wall climbing at Kong Climb.

Look at the silly face of mine! So nervous to ride that cart entering Dunia Lain.
In front of Dunia Lain posing after 'enjoy' our trip there.

Last, I watched a show titled 'Legenda Putra Mahkota' (It's Lion King story) at the amphitheater. That was a great show with a good special effect, properties, designed stage, actors, and dancers. There are dancers who flew beautifully and some did acrobats too.

Such a great time I had with my family. Obviously, I wanna go there again, and pluck up courage to try Giant Swing.

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