Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NYX Wave

I was super excited when my package had arrived few days ago. I bought some make up, NYX. Yaa, these days I'm stick on NYX. Truthfully, not because I really like this brand of makeup, but the situation  makes me choose NYX. I've found a good online shop that sells NYX product with a very good price. So, grab the chance!

yaayy, the package. I also bought the eyeshadow. Sorry for not including you, eyeshadow

NYX Lip gloss palette: The Perfect Smokey Look Colours

Thing that I want to say is I love the lip gloss, Smokey Look Lip gloss Palette, especially the orange one. Really sweet colour! Though if u want to get the perfect colour, applying foundation and concealer is a must.

The Look

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