Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet My New Notebook

Recently, I've lost my Yongha, my previous notebook. It was HP Compaq and yeaa I gave its name 'Yongha' so he can be as smart and attractive as Goo Yongha in Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Hehehehehehehehehe.... By the way, I'm used to give name to all my gadget even a USB flash drive. Do you all do that too?

Yongha lost tragically. He needed to get the service because his LCD is totally off. Then, someone stole him when he had already been cured. Damn! Yongha have so many memories of me. My precious pics, my precious writings, my precious e-books, my precious assignments...I don't have the chance to backup the data. That was a big loss in my life.

Then, I got this new Asus. Meet her (I see her as female gadget. Hahahaha), my new notebook named Haku! She's Haku because she's white, of course. I can't think other names. From now, she will be my best friend. Oh, and I got a precious lesson to BACKUP all of my data!

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