Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stalker on Facebook?!

Nowadays, I keep hearing about the insecurity of facebook. People keep commenting how stalker can easily gain all information and pictures that they have.Oh, come on, are they really stalkers?! Gosh! You upload your photos, you write your information on facebook, that means you share that to the friends that you have. Accepting friend request means you allow that person to view what you share on facebook. Now, why do you think that someone stalks you?! Even if they see your old posts, yeaa, maybe they find you as an interesting person. It's not that dangerous to you, right?! That 'stalker' doesn't come to your house and watch you every day and night and wait for the chance to meet you, then, do something dangerous to you.

You can be wise using facebook. Don't accept strangers as your friends, if you don't like! Don't upload your photos if you don't like someone liking or commenting on those! And please don't share whatever you do on status!.....if you don't like.

"Time to take a shower", you write as a status. A minute later, someone chats you, "OMG, you want to take a shower?! Can I join?! bla..bla..bla!". Then you said, "Get off, you stalker!"

Don't be stupid, please!

Facebook is not your diary, so please keep your privacy if you don't want everyone to know it. Facebook is not your to do list. Who cares what you want to do, except you're a prisoner (?!!) who have to report any activities.

So, I think people who criticizes facebook as stalking tools must think more and see from the other side. I'm grateful that facebook exists because I'm able to communicate with my friends easily, and discuss about my study, business, hobbies, and many things. Maybe, the one who screams "Omigoshh stalker on facebook! I don't like it!" is actually wanna yell out loud that "I'm famous because I have many people that see my facebook profile". Yeaa~ maybe.

Just found this from google image.
That 'you' should be thankful there's someone who see his/her status.

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