Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Contact Lens Review: EOS Luna Brown

When I was searching for the next contact lens-to-buy, I intended to find a comfy one with very natural appearance that made it wearable for daily office makeup. I have been working at my current job for a year, and I didn't remember that I ever tried to look 'pretty' at work. I self-proclaimed that I am (or was) a beauty blogger, but I didn't do what I claimed to my office-mate. 

Every day, I just come to the office wearing my uniform top and my own trouser that I've worn days before, applying thin layer of BB cream, doing eyebrows, apply lip butter and lip cream or tint. Also, I'm too lazy to wear shoes. Ugly black flip-flop is my daily footwear.

"Because my office is only 1-minute-walk from where I stay" has always been my excuse for the absence of the effort to look good.

There was time though when I tried different lipcolor, or mix-matching my outfit for the day. The result: better mood for the day (and came to work a bit late). But I guess it affects me positively. So I'd love to start putting more efforts in looking pretty.

I was very excited when my order had arrived, and the contact lens I bought came out really really natural on me. Perfect!

EOS has been my ultimate choice for its comfort. I can wear it for hours without any problem. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this contact lens.

EOS Luna Brown
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Water content : 52%
Disposable : 1 year
Bought at: Dreamie Chuppa


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