Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Only two days left before 2016. I felt like a lot of things happened this year. Days went so fast, but when I recalled a certain event, I couldn't believe that just happened few months ago. Last semester I was still struggling to finish my study, but it felt like a long time ago, seriously. What kind of feeling is this?

As the last month in a year, December has always been an awaited month, because people might feel re-energized thinking about the new year that will come soon, OR, might be because the only thing that fill the mind is HOLIDAY. The recent traffic congestion has shown that many people think December is special. Everyone was so excited to go out from the town. (Besides the proof that Jakarta is too crowded.)

And talking about December, I personally think there are two highlights of this month, which are this:


Yepp, Christmas and Star Wars.

First, Christmas! For most people here who don't celebrate it, Christmas means holiday. Holiday season means big sale. And Christmas also means the time for a never-ending debate whether it's okay or not to say 'Merry Christmas'. Because I had no money to enjoy the festivity of Christmas sale, the debate won this time. I enjoyed it.

Second, the highlight of this month is Star Wars! To be honest, I didn't think that I would get into the Star Wars hype this much. I like the previous movies, but I watched them looooong time ago. However, when I've watched the new movie, The Force Awakens, I can't help myself for not drowning into the Star Wars world, recalling the scenes, characters of the previous ones. The movie is beyond awesome even though I got the spoiler before watching it. Knowing the death of a certain character before watching it totally destroyed the moment.

Went to cinema on Christmas day with Nurul, and after that we had some sushi to accompany us discussing about every cool scene in the movie (plus talking non-stop about the previous Star Wars movies, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, Anakin, Anakin, Luke, Han Solo, Leia, Chewie, Han Solo again, etc, etc, Han Solo again.)

The sushi was served by Sanji. Lol!

 And Luffy, of course, enjoyed the food as well.

To end this year nicely, I planned to blog, like a summary of 2015. But I decided to have a 2015 wrap-up post on the first days of 2016. This time, let me talk about December only. First weeks of December, not much happened besides work.

Koichi's birthday is on December 22, so I tried to draw this and tagged him on instagram. Wasn't confident enough to post it because this is only my second attempt with watercolor pencils. I made many mistakes, including coloring his finger black!! But hey I did post it and tagged Koichi on instagram.

Koichi, please notice me!

The next day after Christmas, I simply went out wanting to find some Japanese manga, magazines, and books at Kinokuniya.

Me, fake shelf-browsing for the sake of a shot.

And, here, another fake candid shot.

Finally got myself a Zakki.

Had been wanting to go to Kinokuniya to find some Tokyo Ghoul related books. I had moved to Bandung, so need to wait when I'm in Jakarta to visit that bookstore. Recently, Tokyo Ghoul has also released the 'Anime' book, so I got one for myself too.

I had seen sneak peeks of Zakki, but having it myself satisfied me a lot. A die-hard-fan of Tokyo Ghoul must have one. I repeat, MUST have one. And the anime book is also great, with a lot of official illustrations and notes, plus the original comic script for Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

That day was started with a simple visit to Kinokuniya, I then decided to cross the street to Senayan City and trapped into another Star Wars hype. I really didn't know they held the exhibition there.

TIE/sf space superiority fighter (ah thanks to wookieepedia)

Posing with cute plushies

And posing with big plushies: Kylo Ren and BB-8.

See the touch screen behind me?! There was Star Wars Trivia Quiz, and we tried so hard to get the perfect score. Yeah we did it. Other visitors were startled by our tacky celebration. The man behind us obviously giggled. What a geek, we are.

Lastly, I could not post photographs without the photographer. All thanks to Nurul for being my 'photographer'. Hahaa

That was my December. See you next year!

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