Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Indonesia Comic Con 2015

Last Sunday was so much fun because I finally could get my geeky nature pleased. I went to Indonesia Comic Con 2015 at JCC, with my fellow..let's say...geek, Nurul. Alin also came with me.

I was greeted by the giant poster of Star Wars. It made me feel more excited for the new Star Wars coming up in December. And everything there at Comic Con was mostly dominated with Star Wars theme, the cosplayers, the figures, the displays, all about Star Wars.

Darth Vader figure

Life size Lego C3PO and R2D2

Life size Han Solo in carbonite

What's more interesting than a life-size figure?!

Not only Star Wars, this time, Indonesia Comic Con was filled with Batman themed cosplayers, booths, toys, and figures.

Look at those cute Lego jokers.

Unfortunately, while I was wandering at Indonesia comic con, the police department of Gotham City was able to find me and proved me guilty for a certain crime. They took my snapshots. Nurul was also caught as well.

We must be the baddest villains, especially Nurul because her crime is so unforgivable. I knew she liked to steal candy from a baby, in The Sims 3.

But the story is still going on. We could not spend the rest of day being convicted as a criminal. Somehow, we brought out to be free again with the helps of these two superheroes. Hahaha..why the story keeps going lamer?

Alin also thanked them because they can bring her sister back. LOL.

But I almost got in trouble again when meeting these two villains. I could not resist because they are super awesome.

And I also met Captain Haddock. How lucky! Tintin and Snowy also came in a cardboard version.

So after that, I wandered and wandered until some magnetic power attracted me to come to the main stage. The magnetic power was a popular Vocaloid song. And there, Alin met her favorite DJ, sasakure.UK. He's known as music producer using Vocaloid.

Here in the picture, he played the 'Senbonzakura'.

The above blurry picture is a proof that we enjoyed the show, especially Alin. You can find a lot of pictures of Alin trying to prove that she really enjoyed it in my camera. She fell in love with sasakure.UK after seeing his performance.

I need to drag Alin away from the stage because I still need to find cute collectibles. And I found not the cute one but cool one from The Miniature History.

High quality depiction of history events now come as collectible miniature models. Isn't it beyond cool?! I spent a lot of time admiring the displays.

The cool wooden art by Kigumi also caught my attention. I even bought the wooden tree for hanging my accessories.

Not only that, the bearbrick below which formed the Indonesian flag became the highlight of the exhibition because everyone walked past them would wonder if they can make them collapsed. What a hot topic! But no, they were attached perfectly.

Other interesting spots at Indonesia Comic Con is the Secret Walls, the live art event that already been hosted in over 50 cities.

There was also Hello Kitty Gate that was so colorful and dreamy.

Hopefully, next year, Indonesia comic con will bring another joy, another special guests, and be much much more awesome than this year.

Lastly, someone want to hug you before this post ends. Baymax titan!

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