Monday, October 5, 2015

Signature Look: Casual

Wow, this blogpost is delayed for almost a month! I could not manage the to find wifi where I can upload pictures without any concern the quota will run out. Imagine how's a life of a self-proclaimed-blogger without the internet.

This time I would like to share about my signature look that I wear it on daily occasions, for casual hangouts. I really like applying red blusher. For me, it will make the overall look younger because red on matte base will give vibrant look that appears fresh. 

To add the effect, I do cheat on this look. Wearing eyelashes for casual hangouts sometimes make me uncomfortable. Unconsciously, I will check my fake eyelashes nonstop during the day. I'll be worried if the fake eyelashes aren't attached well enough. And because my eyelashes is really short and thin, mascara doesn't do much. So, to solve this no-eyelashes-problem, I drew fake eyelashes on bottom eyeline. This method makes my eyes appear dolly without too much effort in putting the fake eyelashes. Drawn bottom eyelashes also make the eyes look droopy, kind of giving young looks, representing the innocence (hehe).

Check this step-by-step: 

For lips, my casual look usually just involves the simple gradient lips. I apply the bright red or pink lipstick only on the inner part of the lips and pat it to spread the color. The lipstick will complement the blush-on I wear.

The blusher is from Holika-Holika and lipstick is Etude House's.

See you on the next post.

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