Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Graduation and First Work Trip

Time has passed. I still remember that last year, expecting the new year to come, I hope I will get my bachelor degree. And I got it, thankfully, no matter what happened.

I, previously, thought I won't be present on my own graduation ceremony. Well, because it was very late for me, and I imagined it would be very awkward because no one would care anymore. But, as now I know doing undergraduate thesis, having to experience the sidang were not an easy thing, I didn't care anymore whether people care or not. This is my moment. I stopped thinking about whether someone would come or not. I, myself, must be present no matter what.

And it turned out to be a happy family day.

Yayy, I finally graduated.

Mama, Papa, Alin, and also my grandma were coming on that day. Nia, my sister, couldn't come because she had works to do in Jakarta. My graduation ceremony was held on Wednesday so working people like her won't be able to come.

Candid taken by Mama. I couldn't find any picture taken with my grandma (besides the studio one). So this one may be quite nice to be posted here. Hahaa.

Nurul has also graduated

OK! Now finished talking about my graduation, let me continue to another life updates. I blogged a bit of life updates in September here. Looking back at it made me amazed how things change so fast. I was kinda depressed at that moment because of confusion, stressed at work, quarter-life crisis (lol!).

Now I got a new job. Well actually, my life wasn't changed that much from two months before. I didn't get a job that suddenly makes me a millionaire. It's not even the so-called a dream job. But when the environment changed, and I finally got out from the tight situation, I felt like a whole new world is now before me.

I moved to Bandung a month ago. I'm happy I can move away from Jakarta. To be honest, this is the most exciting part of this new job, being in Bandung and be freed from Jakarta.

Another thing that makes this interesting is the chance to going out to other towns, like last week I had to manage the event held in Bali. I was glad that I could experience luxury once in my life. Hahahaha. Staying in a five-star-hotel of course was such a nice experience for me. Even though the places I visited in Bali were limited to these two hotels at Jalan Pratama. But I had no reason to complain, right?!

I was staying at Mantra Sakala during my visit to Bali. And the room was great.

Even though on the first day I arrived at hotel at 3 a.m. in the morning (then it was already the second day), exhaustiveness didn't reduce my amazement. It was such a rare experience to be there.

The view from my room

Obligatory mirror selfie

In Bali, what I need to do was to standby at different hotel from where I stayed, so at noon I was there, working and snacking at the restaurant.

But the hotel has a very nice view. Surely, working there became kinda nice too.

In the evening, I went back to hotel and spent the day watching Nat Geo People channel. And I was attached to Baking Good, Baking Bad show. Even I started the day watching it.

On day three, I managed to find time to try the famous Babi Guling. I went to Warung Pak Dobiel at Nusa Dua. And indeed, it was a very yummy dish. The taste was so rich. Someday I must try Babi Guling at other warung. So, to end this post, let me share the picture of the super tasty Babi Guling.

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