Sunday, May 31, 2015

Candy Fairy

I'm back from hiatus. Haha! Blogging about beauty is the thing I'll miss, always. I stopped blogging earlier this year because I need to finish my study, which I haven't finished yet (I will finish it, I will). Also, these past months, I was struggling to find wifi. I moved to Jatinangor from January-April, and I only relied on my campus wifi to get internet connection. My mobile phone network sucks. And now I'm back home, I get a trouble with the internet provider company who never give their customers good services. Because of that, I stopped using the internet from that company. So now, I try to survive with mobile wifi that give bonus quotas at night. I'm forced to be a nocturnal again. What a life.

Now let's talk about this look.

Candy Fairy. Colorful, shimmering, and sweet. I tried to create a look that would reminds me of candies.I should thank to Pinterest because I can find many inspirations from that apps. Inspiration for makeup, just like how I found this kind of look.

I used blue and pink for this look. Adding too much color didn't work because the main point of this look is how to create the sweetness. So I played with the gradation of blue and pink. I also added red for the blush. White eyeliner helped much in intensifying the color. For lips, I chose sweet and soft gradient using pink lipstick and a bit of orange tint.

Is it sweet?

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