Sunday, August 24, 2014

EOS Blytheye Blue

If I need to talk about contact lenses, it seems like I always mention EOS. In my opinion, EOS, so far is the best choice for both aesthetics and comfort reasons. Plus, it's not pricey at all. Glad that my eyes are really comfortable with this brand.

Usually, people tend to avoid bright lenses because they're not confident to wear it. So do I. I used to keep being in my safety zone by purchasing brown or grey lenses, even though bright green or blue lenses have always seemed appealing to me since I was a kid. We sometimes envy anime colorful eyes, right?! Then I tried to be out of the zone by purchasing EOS Blytheye Blue. This is the first blue lenses that I own.

EOS Blytheye
Diameter : 14,8mm
BC : 8,8
Water Content : 52%
Origin : Korea

This is the second Blytheye series that I've ever got. Before this, I've bought EOS Blytheye Grey. I intended to buy this lenses for my everyday's look, but when it arrived and I tried on my eyes, it turned out to be too bright. You can read my review here. It's not that I regret in buying it. I was able to create dramatic looks wearing that lens, but failed to wear it to work (of course!)

The Blytheye series is created to make the color pops up, so surely it will be bright, very bright. But what I like from this lens is its normal pattern. I think this simple pattern is important to make our eyes not being 'too scary' or over-over-dramatic. The color is emphasized but at the same time it also keeps the casual look.

Here's how it looks without flash,

and with flash.

Flash almost gives no difference because the lenses are already bright without it.

I wore this lenses to create my Koichi look. Check the post here.

EOS Blytheye Blue will be great to be worn for a cosplay look. But it is great too for a casual day look. Kinda different with the EOS Blytheye Grey. The grey one seemed too bright and the color appeared almost like white on my eyes, so it looked scary. This EOS Blytheye Blue, I can wear it to go to the mall, hang out with friends, have dinner, and etc. I bought it at Dreamie Chuppa for less than IDR 100,000. Good deal!

My tips: wear this lens with smokey eyes, black liner, black eyeshadow to balance the look. I also prefer to wear nude on my lips, so everyone will know that they need to look at my blue eyes(^_−)☆

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