Thursday, August 14, 2014

Koichi ‘Theatrical Blue-Black' Makeup

These past months, I've been really attracted to a visual kei band named Mejibray. I admit that the first time I saw Mejibray, I liked MiA, the guitarist, and I found out that his skill is also amaaaazzzziiinnnngg. Then I dug more about this band, searching their songs, the MVs, lyrics, and meanings, also knowing more about their members, until I became obsessed with their pink-haired bassist, Koichi. So, let's say like this: I'm in love with MiA, but with Koichi, I'm obsessed.

Why? Because he has face like this!!

I will be obsessed with someone who's beautiful, and Koichi is too beautiful.

Mejibray celebrate their third anniversary this year. They will release their new single 'Theatrical blue-black' on September 24. They already released the teaser. You can see how pretty Koichi is...MiA too, of course, and Meto the drummer is so weird yet cute, and Tsuzuku the vocalist is as charismatic as always.

Way before this, it just came in my mind that I thought someday I really wish to create the look of Koichi. So when he released his concept look for 'Theatrical Blue-Black', I instantly thought it's the time. Later on, I learned the details of his makeup, especially the eye-make, and then I gathered materials, watched tutorials from youtube, practiced it, until finally, I can show you the result.

What do you think?  The eye-make is still lame though. It's not as jet black as his. I don't use any gel liner on this.

The step-by-step how to do Koichi's eye makeup:

Besides eye makeup, thing that needs to be focused on is shading technique. People who used to do cosplay or visual kei makeup must be familiar with this kind of really dramatic shading. The point is to create illusion of extra small and pointy nose. Even though my nose is not pointy at all, it will change with such an effort.

The red line shown below is the area that need to be filled in with the shade. I use brown eyeshadow.

The difference is obvious. The reason why I love makeup is because I can do magic with just few strokes of brush.

Back to Koichi, I remembered he had one look in which he wore devil's horns and a hoodie. I think it was during their 'Sadisgate' era.

I also want to imitate him this time. Please bear the sighting of my ugly black roots.

If anyone wonders how I get the eye patch and the horns, I made it by my self, following this tutorial: eye patch and devil horns

When taking selfies, I usually have some favorites. This time it turned out to be this one below, because my expression looks like Koichi (or at least in my mind). However, the background is not so nice, my messy wardrobe. Errr~ so blurrrr it.


  1. Keren eye makeupnyaaaa, btw aku juga jadi naksir sama mejibray ^_^

    1. uwooh.. yes, yes, love them!!

      makasih komennya ^^

  2. Hi! OMG you are amazing! Can i ask you which contact lenses you use? What brand and color? I want buy this style long time ago, but never found..
    Thanks for the answer! ~ ❤

    1. Hi! Thank you~~

      I use EOS Blytheye blue. I posted about it here: