Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grand Opening Studio Counter NYX, Trans Studio Mall, Bandung

Good evening!

Just like the title has said, the post is about the Grand Opening of NYX Studio at Trans Studio Mall, Bandung.

Finally, got time to write this post. These days I was too busy to move my body, got attached so much with my bed, and my PSP.

On March 27th, I, accompanied with my univ friend, went to Trans Studio Mall. I, actually, live in Jakarta, but every Wednesday-Thursday, I'm always in Bandung (Jatinangor, exactly) to attend class, coz I'm still registered as UNPAD student. So, what a right time when I saw NYX event would be held in Bandung, on Wednesday. I would definitely come.

NYX is a cosmetics brand that comes from Los Angeles, United States. I remember, at first, I called it by spelling NYX 'en wai ex', coz N-Y-X are all consonants, and it has become my instinct to spell it that way. Until I know that NYX is actually derived from the name of Goddess of Night, a Greek Goddess. So, since I knew it, I started to call it Nyx.

The name is related to the NYX's concept itself.

The motto is all connected to the glamorous life of the night. And NYX lets the glam spread to every women by providing the cosmetics which offer fierce, bold, and glam look.

That day, the place was also designed to be glamorous. Look! Red carpet everywhere. Feel like a celebrity attending Oscar.

MCs of the day.

There were also greeting speech, from NYX and Metro Department Store's managers.

I think I was the first people to arrive because there was still not many people, only crews I guess. But as time passed, people arrived one by one and many visitors gathered there. Then, it was crowded.

Here came the main show. NYX studio was officially opened, symbolized by ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new concept of NYX in Bandung, a makeup studio in the department store. Let's sneak peek to the studio.


Maybe you wonder what people were doing in the pic, coz there're models sitting, getting makeup done and many cameras shoot. That's the event that I had been waiting, Makeup Marathon. There were six models and six makeup artists. Wearing NYX products, the makeup artists did six different concepts of makeup to the models. And here're the six concepts.

And oh.., it had done by the time limit, 20 minutes only.

All the models were so pretty and glamorous with their makeup. I want...I want to take a pic with them. Well, only two of them, but I did it.

After the makeup marathon, there was door prize, giving by drawing random business cards that have been collected before from the invitees. And then, the event was over.

I got this. Pic that was taken by the photographer before the show. Me with Ulan, my friend.

See! Really feel like celebrities, right?! Get a photo shoot in a red carpet. How glamorous!

Before going home, take some pics first, coz rare to go to Trans Studio Mall.

What a glamorous experience I got by attending this event. That day, I also bought the new eyeliner, it's The Curve from NYX! Stay tune for the review.

Hahahaha. Bye!

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