Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sparkling Holiday, and the Gloss in Love

November, the 'shortest' month of the year, will come to an end. Is it me only, but I always feel November goes so fast. In a blink of an eye, here comes the 20th of November. It scares me, but at the same time I become excited. Because it means long holiday is nearby!!

Talking about this holiday, every thing should be in Christmas color. Who doesn't dream of White Christmas?! Even though I'm not a Christian, I'm the one who admires White Christmas. Winter, snow, plus Christmas seems so magical for me. Here, I stole a pic from google that I think describe how delightful the White Christmas.

taken from:

People say Winter sucks. Can't bear the coldness. However, I still hope that God will allow me someday to experience the White Christmas. I'm just in love with the color of silver, white, and red combined. Therefore, I made an FOTD, inspired by this Christmas color.

This makeup is simple. As long as it looks kinda pale but still sparkling, it's enough. For lips, I wear my Lancôme Gloss in Love. I usually don't wear lipgloss, because I think it's too glossy for a matte lover like me. But, for this look, bright matte color will look too much, while nude color will look so pale. Then, I try to wear this lipgloss to avoid the dullness. The gloss is kinda similar with the sparkling theme I wear on my eye-make. Well, the result turns out good. I love the color of my lips.

Lancôme Gloss in Love in Scarlett Starlette.

The packaging is very luxurious, sweet, and cute. There's a small button to be clicked to open the lid. The applicator was made curved to be accustomed to our lip shape. See how much effort for designing this product.

This lipgloss has lovely color. It comes out natural, sweet, and shiny. It's a really perfect match to complete our holiday look. 

Lancôme Gloss in Love, I'm in love! Happy holiday!

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